10 tips to choose the name of your platform


Your platform name will be on the tool's landing page, as the sender for outgoing emails and will be mentioned in many internal conversations. It is this name that users will use to identify with and take ownership of this new initiative. It is therefore essential to choose a name that you like!

Our 10 recommendations for a powerful and memorable name

1. Link with vision

The name must be connected with the vision of your project and its purpose. Start by clearly formalizing the project vision, the common objectives before defining a name and not the other way around.

2. Aim for difference

Distinguish it from the other tools of the company if you want to instill a different approach.

3. Take fears into account

Do not leave out your users and management concerns when choosing the name. Typically, a very informal and very social name in a context where the management is rather chilly to the tool could associate the approach with bad intentions.

4. Pronunciation and translation

Make sure your find a name that is pronounced correctly in all languages ​​and that does not need to be translated.

5. Short and Explicit

A simple name will promote its use internally.

6. Stands the test of time

Imagine a name that can work in the long term if the platform use develops and other initiatives are convinced to join your solution.

7. Consultation

Involve your users in choosing this name. It is their platform and it is them who will make it successful.

8. Respect the choice

Never organize a workshop to define a common name to finally refuse this name that was decided by the group, the signal sent would be bad!

9. Slogans and messages

Find a name that fosters slogans and key messages that you can broadcast with this name.

10. Keep Elium

Or you could just keep Elium as your platform name so you can use your energy to plan how to set up your tool!

Suggestions to choose the platform name together

  • Online form or survey to collect concepts, ideas related to sharing, monitoring or collaboration
  • Brainstorming sessions with management before hand to filter the main objectives and vision in order to give a framework to the users to define the name
  • Creative techniques with users to imagine multiple platform names
  • Electronic voting so users choose between multiple names defined by a small project team