3 ways to use Elium


Our customers use the platform for 3 main purposes: knowledge sharing, market intelligence and enterprise collaboration. In some cases, Elium (formerly known as Knowledge Plaza) is used for one purpose only when in other organizations, a mix of the 3 usages is observed.

Knowledge Sharing

Managing what employees know plays a major factor in increasing competitive success. Our tool has made the sharing experience beautifully simple by connecting you to the ideas, best practices, experts that are centered on your interests and needs. Elium provides you with a way to get the right knowledge to the right person at the right time.

The structured and contextualized spaces within Elium help you distribute any type of information to stakeholders adding context, comments and tagging thus fostering communities of practice.
Steering your knowledge management efforts towards key business needs will create a larger impact on the organisation. Within the platform, people are brought together to share tips, tools, and documents, ask questions and tap into the knowledge and experience of each other.
Discovery is encouraged through ultra dynamic search and tags & suggestions. Storytelling is fostered through wiki (collection).
The applications are:

  • Communities of practice
  • Learning
  • Project reports
  • Mapping of standards
  • Experts management
  • Cross storytelling

Market intelligence

Your decision makers need quick access to critical external information about your market, your competitors and your customers. Elium caters to the need of your knowledge professionals to increase the visibility, productivity and quality of their research. Keeping track of your competition and the state of your industry is an integral part of operating any business. Plug your multiple sources of information to the platform and put your business intelligence in context. Improve the quality of your business decision-making.
We provide you with a tool to create a broader picture of the company’s existing market and build on this critical knowledge to better evaluate customers, problems, competition, and growth potential for new products and services. Our platform distributes knowledge instantaneously, continuously and through targeted multi-channel distribution. It enables everyone to enrich, review and evaluate the relevance of information. Engage users on an on-going basis, keep them in the loop by offering increased visibility, productivity and quality which ultimately leads to taking more informed decisions.
Distribution is encouraged through individual and collective alerts & personalized newsletters. Content import is done by website capturing and indexing, bookmarklets, previews and PDFs.
The applications are:

  • Studies and market mapping
  • Business and industrial best practices
  • Risk management
  • Business intelligence
  • Analysis of trends and competition
  • Legal monitoring
  • R&D and Innovation

Enterprise collaboration

Collaborative problem-solving and iterations are the foundations of your future innovation. Elium allows anyone to initiate discussions, foster the network and monitor activities. Because new ideas arise from the interplay of many ideas, our platform is designed to integrate the collaborative nature of the innovative process.
Privacy management encourages your teams engagement. Sharing within public spaces reveals profiles and talents which will interact with your shared content increasingly. Save any file type with full indexing and easily manage versioning. Collaborative review and communication is encouraged for seamless collaboration and collective learning.
Streams include status updates, comments and following system. Notifications regroup unified messaging system, mentions and email digest.
The applications are:

  • Social Intranet
  • Special message from the CEO
  • Change management
  • Internal project communication
  • Employee handbook
  • Enterprise standards
  • Onboarding process

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