Give your team a single source of truth across projects and geographies 

Most companies do not have a knowledge sharing focus. Employees waste time looking for information over and over again, while opportunities for innovation are lost. Luckily, Elium solves this!

With instant access to key knowledge, collaboration thrives and projects speed-up.


Reduce confusion. Democratise access to knowledge in your organisation.

The future of work is likely to be hybrid. And while this is great for flexibility, it can lead to lack of clarity and visibility. Elium fixes this.

Centralise company knowledge in one place of truth. Structure it in Spaces and manage access levels easily. 

Let teams access knowledge wherever work happens, with the mobile and desktop secure applications. 

Make important messages standout by pinning them on the platform’s homepage or though email digests. 


Make collective intelligence a reality.  Capitalise on key learnings and insights. 

With Elium, collective intelligence is more than a buzz-word. Empower your teams to grow and glow with collaborative features.

Empower your teams to capture key learnings            faster and smarter with pre-defined templates.

Enable collaboration around knowledge with comments, likes and co-editing options. 

Break geographical barriers with multi-language content and the intuitive employee directory.  


Ensure knowledge passes the test of time. Make sure it stays up to date. 

It is one thing to share knowledge in a central place and a completely different story to ensure that it stays accurate over time.  

Elium highlights up to date and expired content. Your team knows what information to trust or update. 

The AI Knowledge Assistent intelligently suggests actions to keep you platform’s content up to date. 

Platform Analytics and the KM Score enable you to measure impact and take corrective action if needed.

99.8% of teams using Elium, chose us year after year. 

You too can reap the benefits they have reported.

Streamline communication

across geographies, teams and projects. 

Increase team performance

through fast access to key information.

Enhance innovation

and go-to-market capabilities.

Improve team alignment

around procedures and key policies. 

Capitalise on key learnings

and ensure teams do not repeat mistakes.

  1. Does your team spent too much time searching for info?
  2. Is management concerned with reducing information theft or loss?
  3. Are there delays in the onboarding process of new hires?


If you have answered yes to at least one question, it is time to start your  knowledge sharing journey.

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All your company’s knowledge can find its place in Elium!

There is no shortage of things you and your team can share in your knowledge platform. Here are some examples:

Elium is fit for the most complex knowledge projets and companies. 

Simple product governance

with a flexible and evolutive structure. 

European DNA, GDPR-Ready

fully compliant with EU-based legalities. 

Secure mobile experience

with biometric-based authentication. 

Integrated with enterprise apps

like Sharepoint, Teams or Slack. 

Innovative features

and a transparent product roadmap. 

Start now!

Empower your teams to ship better work. Offer them a central place for storing trusted company knowledge.

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