#Elium for FMCG

In a fast moving industry, stay ahead of the market with the help of knowledge sharing.  

For all your global teams working in  Sales, Marketing,  Production,  Operations or New Product Development, you need a central source of truth for important knowledge. Luckily, Elium is the perfect choice to this.

Trusted by leading FMCG companies, for their global knowledge management practices.

Trusted Communication

Spread clarity globally. Seamlessly share with teams critical business information.  

With Elium you can create a central knowledge platform for all your companies policies, procedures, industry regulations, and so much more. Simply:

Create dedicated Spaces from where your employees can find the needed information fast and efficient. 

Make important communication standout by promoting it on the top of the homepage.  Avoid unnecessary fines. 

Centralised Market Intelligence

Your company needs to be up to speed with industry needs. Centralise all insights with ease. 

Market reports, competitors updates, market innovation – they are all relevant to your teams. Create a single source of truth that everyone can access at any time.

Market Watch teams can instantly publish new updates, with the Bookmarklet. 

Research Managers can share Market Reports directly from their computer. 

Employees can search and filter granularily to find exactly what they need with the help of the Advanced Search, filters. and tags. 

Collective Intelligence

Empower your employees to make their voice heard. Give collective intelligence a chance.

Your employees are your best asset. Spread across the global, in diverse teams,  they have invaluable access to important market feedback. Encourage them to share.

Create knowledge sharing competitions, with the help of dedicated Spaces.

Simplify and standardise knowledge sharing by creating pre-defined templates. 

Empower teams to always stay connected with insights and peers via the mobile app. 

What benefits can you expect?

Streamline communication

across geographies, teams and projects. 

Increase team performance

through fast access to key information.

Enhance innovation

and go-to-market capabilities.

Improve team alignment

around procedures and key policies. 

Capitalise on key learnings

and ensure teams do not repeat mistakes.

Drive organisational excellence with the help of knowledge management. 

Start your knowledge sharing journey today!

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