Make company knowledge available and actionable at all times

Studies show that employees spend 2 hours every day searching for information. Only to be able to perform at their job. It is now the right moment to empower your teams to use this time on what matters.

Elium offers a trusted and flexible source for sharing and enriching company knowledge. It helps streamline the decision-making process, improves collaboration and the ability to innovate.

We have European DNA

We are an European SaaS, fully compliant with GDPR legalities and with EU-based hosting. 

Top-notch Security

With privacy-first design (2FA, SSO) and clear security policies, your knowledge is safe with us.

Easy Product Governance

Elium empowers administrators to handle access levels and ensure a simple and secure structure. 

Available on all devices

Your knowledge is always with you, available on mobile via our iOS and Android native apps.

Getting started is easy

Elium is a flexible SaaS solution with a reduced learning curve, easy to set-up and deploy. 

Our team is here to help

With 10+ years of experience, our Customer Team is here to ensure the success of your project. 

Integrated with your tools

Elium seamlessly integrates with Microsoft, G-Drive, Slack and Facebook Workplace. 

Transparent Roadmap

Our development roadmap is available online and you can offer your feedback or proposals. 

Create one single source of truth. Ensure all knowledge for and about clients is up to date. 

Centralise everything: from telesales scripts, to product knowledge or client’s contracts. 

Set an expiry date to content: so that team leaders know when it is time to update it. 

Make searching for answers easy. Empower your agents to serve clients better and faster.  

Seamlessly search everywhere inside the platform, even inside attached documents.

Simplify the Q&A process, with easy to access and update Q&A templates. 

Make searching for answers easy. Empower your agents to serve clients better and faster.  

Effortlessly share customer feedback with the right people inside the company. 

Collaborate  with easy to access and update Q&A templates. 

Who is it for?

Call Center Agents

To speed-up customer resolution time and increase satisfaction.

Customer Success Staff

To collaborate with teams around key accounts and help them grow.

In-Store Advisors

To answer all questions and offer a great customer experience. 

Team Leaders

To monitor knowledge usage and take improvement measures. 


Start now

Empower your teams to innovate faster and better with instant access to knowledge that matters. 

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