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Your company’s go-to hub for knowledge that drives innovation 

Innovation can take many forms, but one thing is clear. Behind every successful initiative, there are dozens of insights, exchanges and feedback.
Take your company’s growth to new heights. Start using with a unified knowledge sharing platform. Where collective intelligence becomes a reality and everyone can contribute.

Knowledge Sharing facilitates innovation and organisational performance.

Driving business performance.

2018 Study of 200 South Korean SMEs

Ensuring successful project delivery.

2015 research of 150 Finnish companies

Contributing to Open Innovation.

2021 Survey of 404 SMEs across the world

Developing team's innovation abilities.

2015 Study of 200 Malaysian Engineers

And with Elium for Knowledge Sharing,  your company can innovate faster and better too.

Insights and Trends

Keep an eye on the market at all times. Share insights with ease. 

Forget all about hours of tedious copy and paste and drafting unsearchable market reports in Powerpoint. 

Simplify the process of online research with a few clicks and Elium’s bookmarklet. 

Schedule weekly newsletters with market updates in a matter of minutes. 

Incremental Innovation

Make the most of past failures. Capture key learnings easily.

As Harvard Business Review highlights, looking at what went good or bad immediately after a project or operation ends, lays the grounds for “future success”.

Create templates to help teams share their learnings fast, easy and consistent. 

Support a culture of feedback. Teammates can comment or co-edit Stories with ease. 

Collective Intelligence

Let staff voice their ideas. Make collective intelligence a reality.

Employees have access to crucial information about the  market. When not shared, opportunities are lost.

Empower all employees to share valuable feedback with the easy to use Editor and mobile app. 

Reduce noise and automatically group insights around key topics using tags. 

Transverse Collaboration

Ensure projects move faster.  Empower teams to collaborate. 

With Elium it is easy to track and document the progress of every project in your organisation. 

Capture everything from project strategies to meetings notes. Seamlessly manage access rights for each Space. 

Notify team members of updates in Slack or Teams. Automate email newsletters to project sponsors to keep them informed. 

Ideation and Creativity

Unlock market insights in seconds. Fuel your creativity. 

Having one central source of truth for all knowledge is instrumental to making innovation happen. 

In Elium, all knowledge is easily searchable due to the powerful tagging and search system. Finding insights to fuel innovation projects is now easy and enjoyable. 

Who is it for?

Product Owners

To centralise all customer insights in a single place and help speed up product development.

Digital Transformation Leaders

To easily collaborate on digital transformation with employees, regardless of their location. 

Innovation Teams

To uncover market trends and facilitate experimentation processes.


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