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Industries are becoming more and more saturated, with organisations offering very similar products and services. Standing out from the competition can be a real challenge.

Although your product is crucial to your success, it’s sometimes easy to miss just how valuable customer relationships can be as well. By delivering top quality customer service paired with unparalleled expertise, your organisation can quickly start to build a competitive advantage and get ahead of the crowd.

Clear the clutter and start collaborating

‘Where’s the latest version of that document?”

Does this sound familiar? Studies show that on average, employees spend up to 20% of their time searching for information. But wouldn’t it be great if your sales teams could spend more of this time out with future customers?

With past proposals and key findings at the click of a button, teams can also improve their success rate on requests for proposals (RFP) by building on each request, learning from their colleagues’ experience and expertise.

Don’t let lost time become lost revenue. If you give your teams the right tools and environment to truly collaborate, you can create real value for your customers.

"Elium allows us to collaborate easily together on projects thanks to the creation of dedicated spaces, the management of access rights, the document versioning system and the use of notifications. "

Marie Hap, Business Analyst, D.A.S Belgium

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Share & build team expertise

Logging customer feedback and building product sheets, or compiling competitive reports in a simple and structured way doesn’t need to be difficult. Our highly customisable templates allow you the flexibility to guide how your teams both share and consume information.

But you can also share and save information freely - upload product demo videos, share competitor news from the web and distribute supplier contracts in an instant.

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"Elium is taking the best of storage, libraries, social medias, wikis, in addition to have and develop in house features, taking the knowledge management to another level of excellence."

David Gaspar, Knowledge Manager, Ortis

Find what you need in a flash

Current tools like Box or Google Drive offer great document storage, but when it comes to finding back what you need - maybe you need something a little more robust.

With Elium, every file, piece of content or metadata is full-text indexed as soon as it is uploaded. Our highly performing search engine uses a taxonomy which is customised to fit your organisation or industry. Find content with pinpoint accuracy - no more searching through folders or relying on file names.

Want to take a look at technical brochures for products in your Asia market, perhaps ones using polyethylene films, written in English? No stress, they can be at your fingertips in seconds with Elium’s powerful search.

"I wanted Google and Facebook. Not only did Elium give me that, but they also delivered Wikipedia to me."

Antoine de Riedmatten, General Manager, In Extenso

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