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Industry leaders are faced with multiple challenges, updating product portfolios, regulation changes, constantly evolving client needs as well as the implementation of new technology. Elium allows you structure your documentation so its easily accessible to all members no matter the time zone.

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Break the silos

Manage access control to your knowledge base. Give co-workers access to the content they need to work efficiently.

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Retain and distribute your company’s DNA quicker

Retain knowledge from staff leaving or retiring plus onboard newcomers more efficiently by introducing them to your knowledge base containing your all up to date material.

Your security is our priority

Elium offers a state of the art SaaS platform with securecd access and infrastructure with little effort from your IT department. We offer all the security standards one would expect.

Advanced search features

Navigate quickly with spaces. Searching for info is a breeze thanks to faceted tags. Manage access and permissions to keep your knowledge secure.

Daily digest to stay connected

Consultants receive a curated newsletter in their inbox daily, keeping them up-to-date with freshly published, relevant content, so they never miss a thing.

Mobile connectivity

With Elium your knowledge is always with you, available with mobile access via our iOS and Android apps. Sales people and teams are free to roam and still stay connected.

Dedicated support

Our FAST and ADOPT paths offers you a personnal success coach to guide your journey. Get additional support from our online learning centre as well as personalised training.

Elium allows us to improve our daily efficiency. We can quickly identify the different experts (for a call for tenders, an intervention on a project, a feedback, etc.) on any subject thanks to structured profiles.

Pascal Bizzari, General Manager at Avisia

Work seamlessly with the tools you love

Work seamlessly with the tools you love. Elium plays well with your other favourite business tools. Connect to Office 365, G Suite, Slack and many more. We also offer a GraphQL API for third-party integrations.

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