Information is your company’s life blood

As your company grows you cannot continue to manage information the same way. More faces around the boardroom table and at the coffee station means you have to write down your processes and procedures. This way you can build your culture with teams that share a common vision.

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Start ups, scale ups and industry leaders choose Elium

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In Extenso

Don't reinvent the wheel

Give new staff members instant access to product information and successful sales strategies without the pain of having to repeat failed sales cycles. Get them up to speed and hitting their targets without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

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Manage information overload

By defining your communication channels for specific purposes you can minimise information overload. Make sure critical information does not get lost in the chatter. Bank on Elium to keep your valuable content safe and easily accessible.

Find what you need fast

Navigate quickly with spaces. Searching for info is a breeze thanks to faceted tags. Manage access and permissions to keep your knowledge secure.

Prepared templates

Based on our experience we have improved and curated the best templates our customers shared with us. Pick the one you like the most and start using them right away.

Rich content integration

Elium allows you to share rich content (files, images, web links, rich web links and integrate with third-party applications, etc.) plus lets you preview more than 250 file formats.

Version tracking

Elium automatically tracks input changes and who made them. The system allows you to visually compare versions and highlights the differences between content.

Mobile connectivity

With Elium your knowledge is always with you, available with mobile access via our iOS and Android apps. Sales people and teams are free to roam and still stay connected.

Knowledge sharing can save you a lot of time: it avoids having key people in your organisations always interrupted because of their knowledge and helps them focus on what matters. This is a game changer in growth phase.

Hugo Farizon, CTO at CITODI

Work seamlessly with the tools you love

Work seamlessly with the tools you love. Elium plays well with your other favourite business tools. Connect to Office 365, G Suite, Slack and many more. We also offer a GraphQL API for third-party integrations.

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