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Elium allows you to create a central place for all your market intelligence activities. Our specialised tools, templates and faceted tag functions allow teams to work smarter with quick access to relevant content.

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Simple. Intuitive. Customisable.

Elium helps enterprise clients curate, structure and share the most valuable information throughout the organisation.

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Drive accurate decision-making

Your knowledge base gives you a competitive advantage by granting decision makers access to valuable content to stay ahead of the competition.

Advanced search features

Navigate quickly with spaces. Searching for info is a breeze thanks to faceted tags. Manage access and permissions to keep your knowledge secure.

Your security is our priority

Elium offers a state of the art SaaS platform with securecd access and infrastructure with little effort from your IT department. We offer all the security standards one would expect.

Daily digest to stay connected

Consultants receive a curated newsletter in their inbox daily, keeping them up-to-date with freshly published, relevant content, so they never miss a thing.

Key integrations

Elium helps you to gather all the information you need to build competitve intelligence by integration with other software market leaders such as Sindup, AMI Software, Cikisi, Factiva, etc.

Dedicated support

Our FAST and ADOPT paths offers you a personnal success coach to guide your journey. Get additional support from our online learning centre as well as personalised training.

The platform allows me to keep an eye on my fields, research and innovation. But it also allows me to keep an eye on trends that are emerging in other areas; both HR, recruitment and even new work experience areas.

Stéphane Caristan, Research and Innovation Delegate - CML @ RATP

Work seamlessly with the tools you love

Work seamlessly with the tools you love. Elium plays well with your other favourite business tools. Connect to Office 365, G Suite, Slack and many more. We also offer a GraphQL API for third-party integrations.

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