We are Elium,
pleased to meet you!

We believe capturing and sharing experiences empowers individuals to make a difference. Our joy of crafting with technology means we strive to create a constantly evolving, fresh user experience, making knowledge sharing simple. We love to make bold decisions with emerging technologies, mixing our old world values with new world attitude.

Dedicated to you

OUR CUSTOMER SUCCESS TEAM are dedicated to making your project a success, supporting your knowledge sharing journey every step of the way.
The relationship we build with our customers is what makes Elium so special, as we don’t only help you by creating a tool, we also offer first class support, tailored to your needs.

Spreading happiness

OUR PEOPLE & ORGANISATION TEAM focus on the happiness of our Eliumers, working hard to help every team member achieve their full potential, from language courses to agile methodologies, to help us innovate in the way we collaborate.

Shaping our solution

THE PRODUCT TEAM shape the Elium you see, creating a smooth user experience to make knowledge sharing a breeze. They take all our customers’ feedback on board and create the user interface, manage integrations and add our own touch of creativity to make Elium special.

Getting us out there

THE MARKETING TEAM help spread the word and educate our network on how we can help your business grow. They organise engaging events, craft content that matters and give the Elium touch to everything we create. You’ll also find them listening out for the ice-cream van after lunch or hunting for cookie dough.

Guiding your mission

THE SALES TEAM are your first port of call. They take pride in their honesty, taking time to learn about your needs, understand your challenges and define whether Elium is right for you. They offer support 24/7 and a clear understanding of what we do, getting you ready for our dazzling Customer Success team.

Bringing Elium to life

THE DEVELOPER TEAM work hard behind the scenes and create all the features you see as full-stack developers. They’re also the team most likely to be whizzing past on a hoverboard (with a full cup of coffee). They love to craft with technology and code creatively, and are inspired by the latest developments in technology and AI.

We see magic happen when we bring our team together. We’re passionate about doing things the right way and are never afraid to go back to basics, be bold and share our passion, crafting beautiful products for our customers.

Antoine Perdaens, CEO