We are Elium,
pleased to meet you!

We’ve only just met, but this feels like the start of something special.
Come, have a seat. We can’t wait to tell you our story.

Our Story

Elium, originally named Knowledge Plaza, was founded in Belgium in 2007 by Antoine Perdaens and Raphaël Slinckx in their final year of studies, together with their colleague Olivier Verbeke.

Our belief was that people could work and study more productively if technology could make knowledge and resources more visible. It was really that simple – it was about creating nicer user interfaces and improving the user experience for knowledge sharing and knowledge searches.

Since our creation, our service has grown with our clients and expanded with the surrounding technologies. Working with rapidly evolving digitalisation, we have helped businesses weather a major recession, boost the efficiency of their communication processes and significantly enhance their collaborative capacities.

What hasn’t changed, is the need to connect employees, the need to align teams, and to communicate effectively. Ironically, despite a plethora of communication apps and social media platforms, the need to organise knowledge and communicate is now stronger than ever for organisations and businesses.

Our Mission

Because we are convinced that communication and knowledge sharing within organisations are today’s major challenges, we have developed over the years a tool that allows everyone to make a difference.

We are on a mission to enable each organisation to tap into their collective intelligence by offering everyone access to the right information from anywhere, generating impact and empowering people.


Software as a service company founded in 2007 and located in Belgium

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European leader in Knowledge Sharing Solutions, used by more than 120 organisations

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Used by more than 100 000 people

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98.8% of our customers choosing us year after year

Our team

Being a human-sized team, we take pride in the unique culture that unites us. Trust, transparency, passion, creativity, autonomy, collaboration, boldness, humility, fun and work-life balance are what define us as a team.

Each member of the team brings their own individual talents, skills and passions to contribute to the success and growth of Elium.

Our team consists of product engineers and specialists, marketeers, customer success coaches, salespeople, and transversal roles to support the organisation. Together, we work hard to spread the news about knowledge sharing and how it can transform organisations for the better.

We are based in Belgium, the heart of Europe. And for more than a year now, we work as a remote-first organisation.

We see magic happen when we bring our team together. We’re passionate about doing things the right way and are never afraid to go back to basics, be bold and share our passion, crafting beautiful products for our customers.