Elium For Content Transfer

Worried about losing essential information when an employee leaves the company?

We have got you covered. Deploy Elium – the EU-based leading Knowledge Management Solution and solve this problem. 
Whenever an employee leaves your organisation, your company’s knowledge remains safely in Elium. Someone else can take it over and ensure it lives over time.

You will be in great company

of global clients use Elium to safeguard critical company information.
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What benefits can you expect?

Speed-up the Employee Offboarding Process

Forget about tedious processes of data transfer from one employee to the other. In Elium, it happens with just a few clicks. 

Keep Company Knowledge Alive

When every content has an active owner that can keep it up to date, knowledge remains trustworthy over time.

Reduce Information Loss and Theft

Downloading large volumes of data in a short period is not allowed. Admins are notified of such unexpected activities.

Increase Trust in Your Knowledge Base

With the Mark-up-to-date feature, the Content Transfer ensures that teams can trust the relevancy of info stored in Elium.


Take care of your company's biggest asset: Knowledge!

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