Enhance your team’s efficiency with AI-powered Knowledge Management.

Deploy knowledge bases across your company and drive adoption at scale.

Your teams are buzzing with questions every day. Simplify this with a central place for your company’s key information.

Start using Elium today – the knowledge base of choice for Knowledge Managers and users alike. Now boosted with AI.

150.000+ professionals from global companies use Elium every day to get their questions answered in no time. 

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Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence

Elium is AI-boosted for rapid, user-friendly knowledge access, providing instant answers to team’s questions.

Preferred by Knowledge Managers

Elium ensures content reliability over time thanks to: approval workflows, expiration alerts, and usage analytics.

Secured for Enterprise requirements

We prioritise your data’s security with ISO 27001 certification, European hosting, and GDPR compliance.

Boosted with KM Expert Support

Our expert consultants are here to support you throughout your project, from strategy to implementation. 


Elium is your company’s central knowledge hub. Offer teams one single platform for all company info.

Ensure team clarity and easy access to essential information. Elium’s intuitive knowledge-sharing options, quick file uploads, and streamlined content creation with templates make it the right KM tool. 

Rich and easy content creation modules

G-Drive or Sharepoint files linked

 pre-defined templates 


Get AI-powered answers for your team’s queries. Cut down employee search time by hours and improve efficiency.

McKinsey states employees waste 1.8 hours daily searching for info, totaling 9.3 hours weekly. Current KM search tools are inefficient. Elium provides instant, reliable answers, saving you hours and money weekly. All boosted with AI. 

Quick and Advanced Search Options

AI powered answers to questions

Q&A Templates for customer-facing teams


Put reliable information in the hands of your team. Use Elium’s workflows for verified, up-to-date knowledge.

Your knowledge platform is only as strong as its weakest link: content accuracy. This is why Elium equips content creators and readers with tools that ensure content shared and consumed is valid and reliable.

Content Approval Workflows

Validity and expiration dates

Notifications to update content


Make knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of their global location or preferred work set-up.

Elium offers accessibility across desktop and mobile platforms, with saved articles accessible even when offline. Share content effortlessly in numerous languages, and harness the AI-powered capability for automatic knowledge translation.

Available on  Secure Mobile App

Multi-language knowledge sharing

AI-based translation of content 


Ensure your knowledge platform stays up to speed over time, despite the inevitable headcount changes.

Collaboration on content allowing several people to work on a piece of content 

Automated content transfer when employees leaves the company 

With Elium you get all that for your knowledge journey, and...

Dedicated guidance to help you succeed in your knowledge project

Our proven deployment methodologies are adapted to your business and your challenges.

Elium is here to help you build a successful knowledge-sharing platform. Empower your organisation to grow, learn, and evolve. We offer stellar support services, a team of experts, and proven onboarding methodologies.

Our approach is trusted by global companies with

of our clients choosing us year after year
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Seamless integrations with you enterprise ecosystem

Elium seamlessly connects with Microsoft, Slack, G-Drive, and Workplace by Facebook, while also offering content previews from nearly 700 applications including Youtube, Slideshare, Loom, and Airtable.

State-of-the-art security, with GDPR compliance, EU Hosting SecNumCloud, ISO 27001 certified

Elium ensures GDPR compliance with opt-in collection and data anonymisation.  

Our ISO27001:2013-certified European hosting, regular backups, 2FA, encryption, and malware protection guarantee data safety. 

In line with our EU DNA and commitment to data privacy and security, we host your data on European servers SecNumCloud certified. 

All these are backed by clear privacy policies, training, and security checks.