Make knowledge accessible to everyone in your company. Break language barriers globally.

Are your teams spread in different countries? Do you use more than one language in your company? Are you struggling to share knowledge consistently to everyone regardless of their location and language preferences? Elium’s got you covered.

Elium's interface is available in 4 languages

Content can be created in any language in the world

Creators can manually translate info shared

AI allows for instant content translation

Allow users to set up the interface in their language of preferences 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇳🇱🇬🇧

Upon configuration, Administrators can set up the interface of Elium in several languages, laying the grounds for a robust user experience.

For the time being, Admins can configure one or several of the following languages: English, French, German and Dutch. 

When connecting to the platform, users select their language of preference. They can change this at any time. 

Enable knowledge sharing in any language 🌍

In addition to the interface language, Admins can define an extensive list of languages for content creation inside Elium.

Therefore, Content Creators can publish information in any of the languages available on the platform. 

Then, they can manually translate the content into one or several languages as long as they are available on the platform. Readers will be able to select the language they prefer. 

NEW: Help contributors save dozens of hours with auto-translation of content ✅

In addition to the manual translation of knowledge, content creators can now automatically translate knowledge into a dozen languages.

Users should start by creating content in their language of choice. Then, at the tap of a button, they can automatically translate it into one or several languages available. 

Spanish, Swedish or Chinese is among the 24 compatible.  Auto-translation is instant and enabled by Artificial Intelligence. 

NEW: Empower readers to read shared knowledge in their language of choice 💪

There would be no problem if your platform’s contributors forgot to translate their shared knowledge. Elium intelligently solves that.

  • Readers can translate any content published in Elium instantaneously with on-the-fly machine translation. 
  • The platform intuitively detects the original content language and suggests users to translate it in their language of preference. The action is done with just one click. 

Let’s take 👨‍💻Joao’s #experience for instance

Joao is working as a Commercial Lead for a global company, with branches in several European countries. He is based in Portugal and uses Elium to share with local and international colleagues sales and marketing news, policies, campaigns and best practices.  

Interface Language in English

Joao is fluent in English and French but uses all the apps in English, so he prefers this when choosing Elium's interface language.

Knowledge Sharing in Portuguese

Joao frequently shares market insights about the Portugal market. They are relevant for local colleagues and those in Spain. After publishing the updates in Portuguese, Joao automatically translates them into Spanish.

Knowledge Discovery in any language on the planet

Joao likes to read what is new in Germany, Italy and Belgium. If this content is not available in Portuguese, he uses on-the-fly auto-translation to read them instantly.


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What benefits to expect?

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With Elium’s multi-language capabilities, knowledge sharing across geographies is simple. Regardless of the language of preference or location, your teams get instant access to crucial business knowledge.

Increased accessibility to crucial knowledge

With Elium, you offer teams a central place of truth for centralising all crucial company knowledge. From Elium, it is easy for teams worldwide to access this knowledge in their language of preference instantly.

Global transparency and collaboration

When all your collective intelligence is in one place, transparency and collaboration thrive. Regardless of their location, employees can share or discover best practices in the language they prefer most and use these insights to perform better on the job.

Economies of scale in time and financial resources

Employees save time by having easy to use tools to share knowledge and have it instantly translated into dozens of languages. Your company saves budget by making knowledge available across territories and capitalising on collective intelligence rather than seeking knowledge outside the company.