Elium For Pharma

The Knowledge-Sharing tool that helps reduce brain loss and boost R&D capabilities. 

The Pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and competitive. Thousands of micro-interactions take place behind every phase of the drug development process. 
In such a dynamic environment, an enterprise-ready platform can solve the challenges of knowledge sharing. 

Create one central knowledge hub for everyone in your company,  from clinical scientists to business professionals.

Reduce the risk of getting unnecessary industry fines.

Facilitate innovation and go-to-market capabilities.

Reduce time spent searching for information.

Drive collaboration across technical and commercial teams.

Industry Regulations and Policies

The Pharma industry is highly regulated. Offer teams up-to-date information on the key policies they need to follow.

Create one central source of truth for all industry rules that need to be followed

Group them in dedicated Spaces. Use tags to enable your teams to find the right info in a matter of seconds. 

Give documents an expiry date

Industry regulations become obsolete after some time. Set an expiry date and be notified to update them. 

R&D and Go-to-Market Support

Long time to market is a big challenge in Pharma. Help shorten R&D cycles with instant access to crucial knowledge. 

Establish Elium internally as the central hub for all R&D relevant knowledge inside the company.

Allow different departments to share data and information in a centralised manner. 

Facilitate collaboration internally and with partners, around key innovation knowledge.

Seamlessly manage access levels and allow knowledge sharing with external agencies and partners on licensing deals or M&As. 

Collective Intelligence and Knowledge Transfer

The Boomer Brain Drain is real. Enable experts to easily document every clinical process. Reduce intellectual capital loss.

Gather all your experts in Elium. Allow them to easily share their learnings and insights.

Create templates for all common Pharma operations such as After Action Review of clinical trials. 

Ensure the transfer of knowledge in just one click.

With Elium’s content transfer, whenever someone leaves your company, the knowledge they created can be automatically transferred to a new owner. 

Pharmaceutical Knowledge Management | Elium
Pharmaceutical Commercial Excellence

Knowledge Management does not stop with the drug development process. Connect the sales staff with physicists. 

Allow for Commercial and Technical Teams to seamlessly share trusted knowledge in Elium.

Everything from product technical specifications, to sales pitches, can be centralised and shared in Elium. The knowledge is available via the mobile app too. 

Facilitate collaboration and feedback giving.

With the available collaborations options (comments, annotations), encourage a reliable feedback loop from commercial staff, who are directly in link with clients. 

In a nutshell, Elium empowers pharmaceutical companies to manage knowledge easily, due to the available:

Pre-defined Sharing Templates

that allows for knowledge to be shared in a structured and consistent manner.

Multi-format Sharing Options

that enable users to share text, videos, all types of files and any type of rich media.

Fully-Indexed Search Capabilities

that helps users find the good information quickly, even inside attached files.

Expiration Date and Document Versioning

to know at all times what info is up to date and see the history of changes.

Content Transfer from one user to the other

when someone decides to leave the organisation.


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