Make company knowledge accessible and actionable at all times

With over a decade of experience in knowledge sharing, we mapped the knowledge cycle. A process that shows how the best companies transform content in knowledge. Let’s see how Elium can help at every step of it. 


Organise & search


Reuse & react

Measure & update

Share relevant company knowledge with your team in an instant #capture 

Keep your colleagues up to date with company procedures, project learnings or knowledge on the market. Get help from:

  • Elium’s bookmarklet to share web articles at the tap of a button
  • Sharepoint or G-Drive integrations to quickly reference existing company documents and enrich knowledge shared
  • Pre-defined templates to speed up knowledge sharing around clearly defined processes

Find the right information at the right time #organise #search 

Capturing knowledge is just one side of the coin. By organising it with smart tools, you make it easily accessible to you and teammates.

  • Intelligent tags allow you to structure content around pre-defined topics and set-up the grounds for strong search results. 
  • Fully indexed search empowers you to find the right answer to your questions, even if they are in stories or embedded files.  
  • Quick search helps you retrieve the relevant knowledge everywhere in Elium (inside stories, spaces, profiles or tags). 

Never let your team miss an important update #spread

Use email and enterprise social networks integration to easily diffuse relevant knowledge with colleagues. 

Targeted newsletters

Can be automatically created on specific topics. This helps you speed up the process of internal communication.

Teams and Slack Integrations

Help you notify colleagues right when a new piece of knowledge is created.

Invitation to read

Is your trusted tool for ensuring knowledge is made visible to specific teams or colleagues.

Collaborate with colleagues and keep  knowledge alive #reuse #react 

There is no point in creating knowledge if you let the dust settle on it. With Elium you have the right tools to act upon captured knowledge.

  • Create links between different content to show your teams all  available knowledge around a specific topic.
  • Invite colleagues to collaborate and enrich knowledge shared. Ask for feedback by @mentioning colleagues or invite them to editing the document with you. 
  • Use document versioning to quickly spot content updates and restore a previous version in an instant. 


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Bring everyone on the team on the same page. Transform scattered information into actionable knowledge

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Take the pulse of knowledge shared and make sure it stays relevant 

#measure #update

With Elium you are empowered to do more with knowledge than ever before. Measure the impact of knowledge shared, improve its relevancy with AI assistance and flag context expiration date. 

Complete Analytics Suite

With Analytics, every user can understand the impact of their contribution. Measure the number of views, interactions and email open rates to continuously improve your internal approach to knowledge sharing.

AI Knowledge Assistant

The Knowledge Assistant is like a good friend when you need it. It quickly scans the knowledge you have drafted and suggests actions to take. Like this, the knowledge platform stays healthy and up-to-date for every user. 

Verified Content

Knowledge can become obsolete if it is not reviewed over time. With Elium you flag content with “Mark as up-to-date” to show users it is still relevant. Assign it an expiry date and when the time comes, you will be notified to update it.