Elium For Retail

Hundreds of stores and thousands of employees – one intuitive and unified knowledge sharing app. 

A retail organisation is in constant motion and dynamic. Hundreds of clients interactions and dozens of business decisions take place every moment.

Start using Elium and give your teams access to key knowledge at their fingertips, regardless of their location.

Create one central knowledge hub for everyone in your retail organisation, from HQ commercial teams to local staff on the selling floor.

Bridge the knowledge gap between HQ offices and stores

Reduce the risk of knowledge loss and knowledge theft

Facilitate collective intelligence at all levels of the organisation

Help improve customer experience across all touchpoints

Interactional Customer Insights

Go beyond client transactional data. Allow in-store staff to easily capture and share the Voice of the Customer (VOC). 

Capture customer insights with ease

From in-store staff to HQ teams, everyone can use the desktop or mobile apps to share insightful knowledge. 

Ensure customer knowledge is ready to be used

Create pre-defined templates empowering your teams to share insights in a structured and readable manner. 

Allow teams to back CX initiatives with data

The intelligent tagging and search features allow teams to narrow down insights and find the most relevant ones.

Expert Knowledge Sharing

Some of your most senior managers rose from the stores. Encourage them to share their expertise and learnings. 

Empower experts to share their knowledge

Give them an easy to use tool where they can diffuse their learnings and best practices with in-store staff.

Connect everyone inside the organisation

Create a culture of knowledge sharing, where everyone can interact and share with your top business experts.

Enhanced Operational Excellence

The success of your retail operations lies in collaboration. Facilitate collaborative commercial knowledge sharing. 

Create in Elium your reliable single source of truth for all marketing, operations and sales topics

Share everything from updates on trade campaigns to new purchasing deals with FMCG partners. 

Keep FAQs accessible and up-to-date for staff

Centralise, share and keep up to date key info for an optimal in-store experience. From product features to return policies, they all have their place in Elium.  

Digitalised Onboarding and Learning

Ensure your team has the right knowledge to succeed.
Put digital learning at their fingertips. 

Provide a seamless onboarding experience

Use knowledge already existent on the platform to create interactive digital learning and onboarding checklists. 

Promote continuous learning

Your L&D teams can share curated knowledge with all the users or with specific groups. Video, images and dozens of other interactive contents can be used. 

In a nutshell, you can create in Elium a knowledge hub for the most important topics within your Retail Organisation.

Policies and Operating Procedures

Campaign Marketing Resources

Interactive Training

Technical Documentation of Stores

Customer Insights and Market Research

Innovation Best Practices and Key Resources


Ready to start?

Drive your customer experience to new heights and back up your staff with the knowledge they can trust. 

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Different retail organisations, different knowledge management needs. Elium can help all.


For sharing knowledge around commercial campaigns and in-store best practices. 

Fashion Retail

For knowledge related to the available products, fashion trends and return policies. 

Consumer Electronics

For knowledge on products (technical information, pricing) and tips to convince clients. 

Shopping Centres

For sharing knowledge with tenants (mall campaigns, policies, job announcements).