Elium For Customer Support

Hundreds of customer requests to handle daily. One knowledge hub for all your customer-facing teams. 

Disparate pieces of information, lack of centralised documentation confusion around FAQs. These are all blockers for your teams. 

Luckily, a knowledge platform can solve these problems. Offer your staff fast, reliable and trusted access to crucial knowledge with Elium.


All the knowledge your customer-facing teams need has its place in Elium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Empower your agents to answer customer enquiries fast and easy. 

Policies and

Transparently communicate policies that everyone should follow.

Up to date
Tele-Sales Scripts

Ensure that your teams are ready to manage every type of client interaction. 

Product Updates
and News

Quickly disseminate all product news to customer-facing teams.


Centralise all technical product information and make searching easy. 

Great Customer Support

Improve each client interaction by speeding-up agent response time and level of accuracy.

Make searching for information easy

Agents can find the answers they need quickly, searching for insights everywhere, even inside attached documents. 

Ensure knowledge is always up to date

By setting it a validity and verification date. Users will know what content to trust. 

Digitalised Onboarding and Training

Make the most of internal knowledge and digitalise the learning experience for agents. 

Create onboarding reading checklists

And provide new hires with instant access to the knowledge they need to absorb in their first weeks in the company. 

Digitalise the training experience

Blending video, text and presentations. Let agents learn at their own pace. 

What results can you expect from a central knowledge platform?

Faster onboarding time for agents

By offering instant access to all the information they need to learn and perform.

Reduced response time to enquires

By ensuring teams have trusted access to knowledge they need to delight clients. 

Improved Customer Experience

By ensuring that every interaction with clients is impeccable and satisfactory.

Increased clarity and transparency

By offering your teams clear and up to date information on policies and procedures.

Who is it for?  Everyone in your customer-facing teams.

Call Center Agents

To speed-up customer resolution time and increase satisfaction.

In-Store Advisors

To answer all questions and offer a great customer experience. 

Internal-Support Teams

To provide reliable access to knowledge needed to serve internal clients.

Team Leaders

To monitor usage of knowledge and take improvements measures. 

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