Top 3 Tips To Ensure Knowledge Is Not Lost When An Employee Leaves Your Company

3 Tips to Preserve Institutional Knowledge When an Employee Leaves When an employee leaves your business, you don’t lose just their productivity—you lose all of the institutional knowledge that the

Chat with teammates, share exciting updates, and make sure no important informat...

We know it. Your team is in Slack most of the day. Messaging around key projects or organising quick video calls, this is where they get work done. They exchange massive

10 key steps for an easy organizational knowledge sharing platform set up

1. Ensure strong and exemplary support from the highest level Obtain management approval and commitment Register the approach in a global strategy Engage the most influential people / leaders1 Read

Working remotely: One year after

Prior to COVID-19 quickly shutting down most of the world, many businesses hadn’t even considered operating remotely. Those that couldn’t adapt quickly were soon gasping for air. Many never recovered

User-Generated Content: A Knowledge-Sharing Goldmine

User-generated content has been a hot topic for years. In fact, 92% of consumers trust this type of content, according to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index. Brand messages that are

The 5 Big Differences Between a Knowledge Base and Knowledge Sharing

Information is your organisation’s most valuable asset. The problem is that your information is tied up in employees’ brains, emails, agenda notes, workshops, webinars, and more. With your information spread

knowledge management, intranet, wiki, what's the difference
Intranet, Wiki, or Knowledge Management Platform – What’s the Difference...

One of the best ways to increase productivity in your organization is to provide your employees with a single source of truth—a place where they can easily get all the

What is implicit knowledge
What is implicit knowledge and how is it different from tacit knowledge?

Businesses are endless repositories of information. From meeting notes to emails and everything in between, your employees generate an _enormous _amount of knowledge in a single workday. The problem is

Knowledge sharing System that Works
Dodge the Pitfalls to Reap the Benefits – Elium’s Top Tips for Implement...

A knowledge sharing project can make a huge difference to your organization’s development and ultimately boost the bottom line—but only if it works! Many of our clients come to us

3 types of knowledge
The 3 types of knowledge you need to capture

The Difference Between Explicit, Implicit, and Tacit Knowledge (and Why You Need Them All) Adopting a knowledge management platform is a tremendous undertaking for your organization. But it’s a worthwhile