Accelerating knowledge management with artificial intelligence.
And vice versa!

We use AI to help companies with the complexities of managing vast information repositories, ensuring up-to-date, governed, and easily retrievable knowledge.

Employees are reporting elevated satisfaction levels, receiving in seconds the best answers possible to their questions.

Implementing Elium can save organisations 6 to 12 months on their AI roadmap, offering a significant strategic advantage.

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Get answers to your questions in seconds. Simply ask our Answer AI.

Got questions? Let AI find you the right answers.
Simply type your question and let AI do the searching and answering.

Rest assured – you will get the most accurate response, as our AI is trained to search everywhere for the good answer. In native app content, in your attached files, and even in videos.

See it in action.

Start by typing your question.
And then let AI find the best answer for you.

Elevate your productivity with AI-powered writing—let technology do the work for you!

AI is editing your text so that you don’t have too.

Use Elium’s AI Editor to supercharge your knowledge sharing. Start by adding your text in the editor, and then choose any of the boosters available. Craft sharper and more compelling content effortlessly.

Expands your initial text

Improves your writing

Fixes spelling and grammar

Translates your text

Summarises it for simplicity

Coming soon: Smart Assistants

” Think of Smart Assistants as your personal AI assistant, your right hand, your dedicated ally when it comes to amplifying the potential of your knowledge base for daily productivity.

Entrust it with a task, and watch it as it effortlessly executes on your behalf. “

Julien De Coster
Head of Product at Elium

Here are some examples

Answer to support tickets

Answer to support tickets on behalf of agents by using the appropriate piece of content.

Respond to RFP requests

Respond to RFP requests on your behalf by merging the right information from your knowledge base

Summarise articles

Summarise market watch articles for your market insights team