Elium For Financial Institutions

Manage your company’s knowledge effectively. Stay ahead of the banking digital disruption.  

Offer your teams a central source of truth for sharing and accessing the knowledge they need to succeed.
Elium is a leading knowledge sharing solution, used by all types of financial institutions, from banks to investment funds. 

Who is it for? 

Branch Staff

To ensure that key knowledge flows freely from HQ to branches.

Call Centre Agents

To have instant access to info needed to delight clients. 

HR & Internal Comm

To share company updates with everyone, regardless of location.

Marketing & Sales

To collaborate and share around clients and market updates. 

Top benefits to expect from a central knowledge plaform 

Faster Onboarding Time for New Hires

By offering instant access to relevant knowledge, on mobile and deskop. 

Increased internal transparency

By ensuring teams have full clarity of company news, policies and updates. 

Improved Business Performance

By simulating collaboration, sharing and easy access to critical business info.

Enhanced Innovation Capabilities

By facilitating collective knowledge sharing between departments and branches. 


Start now

Empower your teams to ship better work. Offer them a central place for storing trusted company knowledge.

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Make the most of Elium for your knowledge sharing initiative.  

Pre-defined templates

To help employees share  insights fast and structured. 

Intelligent Search

For finding the right information at the right time. 

Expiration Dates

Attached to content, so that you know what is up to date.

Content Offboarding

Transfer content ownership when an employee leaves. 


See how users are digesting and sharing knowledge. 

Automatic Translation

Automatically translate any piece of knowledge in the language of your choice. 

Mobile App

Stay connected to knowledge at all times (HQ, bank branch, on the field).

Smart Governance

Simple and secure access rights, that can be easily managed by Admins. 

Enterprise Security

With GDPR Compliance, Eu Hosting and Privacy First Design. 

Enterprise Integrations

Including Microsoft OneDrive, Sharepoint, Teams, G-Drive, Slack. 

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