Elium for Research

Assemble your company’s digital brain. Group all user insights and market research.

Your teams are spending a great deal of their time creating market and client studies. More often than not, these valuable insights are scattered across company files and folders. 
Luckily, Elium solves this by democratising access to research and making it easy for teams to share, structure and use key insights. 

Leading global companies are using Elium to scale their research initiatives. 


Create one single source of truth for all company research. 

Allow teams to share their findings fast and structured. Design templates for the most common quantitive research formats. 

Share market and user insights dynamically, adding images, videos or pdf reports. 


Intelligently group and organise all available insights. 

Create a taxonomy for all key topics that you do research about. Let Elium automatically label shared knowledge with intelligent tags. 

Define a secure space for every key research project. Manage access rights accordingly. 


Uncover trends by searching everywhere inside the platform.

Launch advanced search queries and look for insights around key topics, everywhere inside the platform, even inside attached files. 

Use Smart Tabs that automatically group available insights around attributed tags. 


Analyse the impact of research and learn what can be improved.

Use the platform’s Analytics to discover trending insights: most searched for, most created, most active users, popular topics. 

Link quantitative sources of research like PowerBi or Google Analytics and help teams navigate inside them directly from Elium. 


Remove collaboration silos and link research experts with users.

Digitally meet your company’s research specialists through Elium’s directory. 

Interact with research experts by asking questions or enriching insights shared.  

One central research hub. Dozens of benefits.

Save research time
and budget

by reusing available research before starting new projcts. 

Make knowledge transversal

encouraging not only deep thinking but also wide thinking. 

Scale knowledge company-wide

by making it available in digestible formats to all teams.

Improve collaboration and communication

by linking research experts with different teams. 

Inspired by the global leaders who have chosen to digitalise their research approach?


You can do it too. Start today. 

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Make the most of Elium for your market watch and user insights repository. 

Rich Stories

Create and share new user insights in minutes. 

Embedded files

Attach market reports and search inside them. 

Intelligent Tags

Automatically mark content around key topics. 

Powerful Search

Instantly find exactly the insights you need. 

Public Pages

Quickly share insights with external partners. 

Smart Tabs

Instantly group knowledge around selected topics. 


Create dedicated places for all your research projects. 


Capture web articles for your market research in a click.

Email sharing

Automate newsletters with key insights and updates.


Search for insights as granular as possible. 

Smart governance

Easily manage the access rights of the platform. 

Branded platform

Personalise your platform to match your branding. 

Mobile App

Access user insights whenever you need them. 

Data export

Seamlessly download .csv files with chosen insights. 


With Sharepoint and G-Drive to upload and search in files.