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Thanks to Elium’s powerful knowledge sharing tool, creating new pieces of content is not a tedious job. Dozens of content blocks, intelligent features and seamless integrations make knowledge sharing a breeze. Let’s see all the options available. 

Share impactfuly

Attach documents

Use templates

Add annotations

See version history

Link past content

Measure the impact

Secure content

✍️Use any of the #content blocks available and make your message stand out! 

In Elium, you have a wide selection of content blocks available. So, in addition to plain text, you can easily improve shared knowledge due to the available rich sharing options. Discover them by typing / or using the menu on the left side of the page. 




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📂 Put knowledge in context – upload docs from your #file repository directly inside Elium.

Thanks to Elium’s integrations with Sharepoint, OneDrive and Google Drive, you can share new content by pinpointing key company files. 

With just one click, you can browse inside these apps and choose the files that you want to share. Due to the full-text indexing, the content of all these attached docs is included in the search results.

🤝 Share structured knowledge using one of the #templates.  

From Meeting Minutes to Focus Groups notes, use pre-defined templates to share knowledge in an organised manner. It is fast, easy and consistent.

30+ templates are available, but you can create new ones. Using structured fields when creating new templates will improve search results. 

🤝 Collaborate on knowledge using #annotations.  

In addition to creating rich content yourself, in Elium, you can collaborate on shared knowledge. 

Co-edit content, add feedback or in-line annotations. Mention experts and start a conversion with them. Each contribution matters. 

🔃 Be always up to date due to the #document versioning. 

Regardless of the many changes that happened to a piece of knowledge, you will know what is new. 

Open the Versioning section and see what changes were made to the document. Restore a past version with just one click. 

And make the most of all the different intelligent features available:

Link together different pieces of content

When you publish your content, Elium allows you to link it to recently posted knowledge on the same topic. It helps readers get a better view of all available information on a key topic.

Protect confidential or sensitive information

If the shared content is confidential and requires extra care, use this feature and, in just one click, ensure that colleagues cannot copy or download the attached files.

Discover key statistics on the impact of shared knowledge

After sharing knowledge with colleagues, measure its impact.  Elium allows you to see how many people have viewed, commented or liked the content you have just shared. 


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