Perfectly integrated within your ecosystem

When choosing Elium, you chose to empower your teams. Capturing and sharing knowledge where work gets done is easier than ever. 

Elium integrates with Microsoft, Slack, G-Drive and Workplace by Facebook. It supports content preview from nearly 700 applications like Youtube, Slideshare, Loom or Airtable. 

You never have to worry again about how teams collaborate and share.

Trusted by companies using Microsoft Office 365

We take pride in serving hundreds of clients that have placed Elium in the middle of their knowledge-sharing environment. 

Join us too and unlock the strength of Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams integrations. 


Let’s see how it works

Bring company files back to life  

Yes, you do have a file repository system inside the company, but until someone puts content in context, knowledge is not actionable. 

Use Elium to create a trusted source for all verified knowledge. Easily upload documents to increase the relevance of knowledge shared. 

  • Set-up your integration (Sharepoint, OneDrive or G-Drive)
  • Create a story to share knowledge on a specific topic
  • Upload related company inside this story and enrich knowledge shared. All type of file formats are supported.  

Share great insights with colleagues at the tap of a button 

Once a new valuable insight has been shared, it is worth making it visible to the right people in the shortest time possible. 

With Microsoft Teams, Slack and Facebook Workplace integrations, notifying colleagues of new content is done at the tap of a button. 

  • Automatically push stories or comments to a Slack channel. 
  • Preview new content in Facebook Workplace by simply copying the story from Elium inside this application. 
  • Diffuse knowledge created in your Teams channel of choice. 

Elium APIs

Our vision is to empower teams to share knowledge easily. For this, we make sure that Elium can be linked with any technical environment.

Elium Modern comes with a robust GraphQL API available for all the Enterprise platform.

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Hundreds of Embeddable Apps Elium

You don’t have to stop at integrations and APIs. Enrich knowledge shared in Elium by quickly embedding content from the social and enterprise apps most used at work. Over 700 content sources are compatible.