Discover Elium's AI-Powered Enhancements: The Next Step in Knowledge Management

In the fast-paced world of knowledge management, leveraging advanced technologies is crucial for staying ahead. 
At Elium, we’re committed to driving innovation that helps organisations optimise their knowledge processes. 
As such, we are excited to unveil our latest AI-driven features that will reshape how you capture, share, and utilise knowledge inside your company. 
Let’s take a look! 👀

1. Answer AI: Instant AI-Powered Responses

Imagine asking a question within your knowledge base and getting an immediate, precise answer. This is what our new Answer feature offers.

Available on Elium’s web interface, Slack, and soon Teams, Answer uses advanced AI to deliver instant responses to your employees’ queries.

By choosing to use Answer AI in your organisation, you can drastically reduce time spent searching for information, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Key aspects to know about Answer AI
  • Seamless integration: Accessible from the web app and integrated with Slack (Teams integration coming soon), Answer ensures you can get the information you need wherever you are.
  • Searching inside native content, documents, and videos: Answer scours multiple knowledge spaces to provide accurate responses, drawing from various document types including PDFs, Word files, and videos.
  • Feedback mechanism: Users can provide feedback on the AI-generated answers, helping refine and improve the system over time.

2. AI Editor: Elevate your content creation 

Creating high-quality content is now easier than ever with Elium’s Smart AI Editor. 

This AI-powered tool enhances the content creation experience, ensuring that the knowledge your team captures and publishes is polished and professional. 

The AI Editor elevates productivity by intelligently optimising various aspects of knowledge creation on your platform. It can generate new text, reformulate existing content, summarise information into concise text or tables, and even translate it into multiple languages automatically.

Key aspects to know about the AI Editor
  • Improve writing: Receive suggestions to enhance the clarity and impact of your writing. The Smart Editor offers precise recommendations, making your content sharper and more compelling.
  • Fix spelling and grammar: Ensure your content is error-free with automated corrections. This feature verifies spelling and grammar, making sure your writing is polished and professional.
  • Translate text: Seamlessly translate content into different languages, making your knowledge accessible to a global audience. Select the text you need to translate, choose the target language, and let the AI handle the rest.
  • Summarise content: Quickly create summaries, tables, or lists from longer texts. Highlight the text you want to summarise and choose your preferred format to generate concise and informative content.

3. Smart Assistants: Automate your Knowledge Tasks

Elium’s Smart Assistants allow you to create conversational bots that can handle routine tasks using your knowledge base.

Think of Smart Assistants as your personal AI assistant, your right hand, your dedicated ally when it comes to amplifying the potential of your knowledge base for daily productivity.

These intelligent assistants can be tailored to perform specific functions, such as: 

  • Support automation: Enhance customer support by using product documentation to respond to customer inquiries. 
  • Internal job finder: Help employees find suitable internal job positions based on their profiles and available opportunities.
  • Responds to RFP requests: Respond to RFP requests on your behalf by merging the right information from your knowledge base
And of course, many more, based on your particular objectives and priorities. 

Setting up a Smart Assistant is straightforward. Use our Intelligent Assistant Builder to customise the assistant’s parameters, including content scope and user permissions. This ensures the assistant provides accurate and relevant responses, improving overall efficiency. And what is great is this can be done by anyone, as no technical knowledge is needed. You just need to know your knowledge platform, and what AI should do to help. 


Join the Future of Knowledge Management


At Elium, we are dedicated to continuous innovation to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our AI capabilities are designed to help you unlock the full potential of your knowledge assets, driving growth and efficiency in your organization. 

Are you ready to transform your knowledge management strategy with the power of AI?

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