What's new at Elium? Here is a recap of the most exciting product releases in 2022.

Our goal at Elium is to support the growth of businesses through effectively sharing knowledge. We believe that when knowledge is readily available and easily accessible, teams become more productive, and projects are more successful.

To consistently deliver on this promise and improve Elium, we regularly release or enhance new features.

Join us in discovering the major product updates of 2022!

1. We have released a new editor ✍️ interface. Here is what is changed:

Content Blocks are visibly available on the left of the story. Drag & drop or click to add them to your story. 

The drawings block has been added. Create sketches or graphs.

Story-style settings are easily accessible on the right side of the page. Change text, colour and formatting with just a few clicks. 

Comments are visible even when you are editing the story. This can help you to include any feedback from your colleagues into what you are doing.

Keyboard shortcuts can be kept visible on the screen at all times. This is useful for improving efficiency and productivity.

Code block refresh – The code block has undergone a small lifting. It now supports some languages better and is more readable.

2. The 💻homepage of the platform has been revamped. Here is what is new:

We have refreshed the navigation sidebar – We’ve introduced colorised icons for the main items to improve the look, and we also added a new item to reach the page listing all the spaces.

The display of the joined spaces has also been tweaked. They now appear in lowercase and bold. Overall, we wanted to bring some freshness to the Elium interface with this update.

Grouped spaces on the homepage – The homepage now displays spaces in groups in the “My spaces” tab. This is another step towards a better coherence between the homepage and the new page displaying all spaces.

Remove the directory from the main menu – If you don’t use the Elium directory, you can now remove it from the main menu. To do so, go to the “Look and feel” tab of the administration panel.

Switch between content feed and joined spaces – This component will take into account your platform preferences. As a reminder, you can show the content feed, or the space joined by default on your platform through the look and feel preferences in the admin panel.

This new component’s purpose is to give users more opportunities to explore what’s on their platform. If the platform shows the spaces joined by default, they still have the opportunity to quickly look at new content, and the other way around.
We have introduced Favourite Spaces – We introduced the possibility for each user to favorite one or more spaces. These spaces then appear in the main navigation bar above the other spaces.
This is an efficient way to access the spaces quickly you use most often!

We have added promoted spaces –Similarly to favorites, platform and space administrators can place the most important spaces in the navigation bar. These are then placed just above the favorites. Unlike favorite spaces, however, promoted spaces are promoted for all users of the platform.

Activity Log Deactivation – The Activity Log can now be disabled and replaced by Smart Feeds. The setting can be found on the “Look and Feel” page of the administration panel.

SMART Feeds – You can now create your own smart feeds from the home page. Click on the new block between the home box and the activity feed to get started

The goal of SMART feeds is to make the homepage more personal and relevant to end users. Read more about it here.

3. The Story has also evolved. Here is how:

We have introduced protected storiesDisable content download to space readers with this new option. The purpose of this new feature is to remove all the ways to download the content from a Story.

When you activate this option from the new content editor interface, the download buttons will be removed from files and images. Options to print or broadcast the Story will also be removed from the content menu.

The invitation to contribute has evolved – The invitation to contribute has been slightly redesigned. It is now possible to send a message, just like the invitation to read. We have also clarified its impact with the addition of a description text.

We have introduced the time to read a story. Often, reading a Story only takes a few minutes. To encourage reading, Elium now displays an estimation of the reading time of the content in its header.

You will soon be able to crop your images directly in Elium – We are testing a new image upload tool on Elium. It allows you to crop your images directly in Elium, without having to use complex software. In order to test the tool, we’ve decided to start with the platform’s logo.

You can now remove a language from a story – If you had to open a ticket to do this operation before, it is now possible for any contributor. A click on the language selector will also allow you to delete it. Useful when a language is no longer maintained.

Display of the actual contributors to a story. Only users who have actually contributed to a Story by editing it now appear as a contributor to the content. Previously, people who had been invited to contribute were also shown. This confused some users. Especially when these people had not actually contributed to the content. It’s now clearer!

4. The 🔎 Search Capabilities are enhanced now.

Visibility of Search Feedback – For some time now, users have been able to send feedback when they did not find content that met their needs.

These feedbacks are an excellent opportunity to learn more about what your users need in your knowledge base. And that’s why we’ve made them available directly in the platform statistics under the “Search” tab.

Sharepoint Search (beta)

This feature is of course very interesting if you have SharePoint knowledge bases that you can’t transfer to Elium, but which would be very useful to be accessible from a central point.
Once enabled, additional tabs will appear in the search. When the user performs a search, the tabs with results are marked with a notification icon. Users can then view the results from the linked SharePoint Sites.

5. Elium is now an official Office 365 Cloud Storage Partner! 🎉

This partnership gives us the technical ability to edit Office documents directly from Elium. Our engineering team has been working on integrating Microsoft 365 with Elium. For some time now, we have already integrated the ability to preview any Word, PowerPoint or Excel document from Elium. With this partnership, we are taking it to the next level. 

Previously, when you needed to edit a Word document in a Story, you had to have the appropriate application installed on your computer (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) and move outside of Elium. Now, all that is over, thanks to this new integration. 

A new button has been added to the Office files: “Edit in Office Online“.

Click on this button to open the document in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Online. All your changes are directly and immediately saved on Elium. 

The cherry on the cake: multiple people can edit the document at the same time.

6. You can now expect better support for custom mobile applications. 

For platforms with a branded mobile app, several things have been put in place to improve their support: 

  1. Links to the Elium mobile app have been removed from emails like the digest
  2. The page promoting the mobile application is now customizable

7. We also applied two key changes to 📂 Spaces 

Updates on the header of spacesIn order to gain in readability, we have changed the header of the spaces. Previously, the name of the space as well as the various information and buttons were on the background image. This was very problematic for accessibility and readability.

We made the choice to decouple the information about the space from its image. The information now appears below the banner, and the buttons are also more defined on the right.


Seamlessly browse all your spacesWe’ve completely revamped the page listing all your spaces.
With this overhaul, our ambition was to solve two things:
  1. Create a page that works whether you have 10 spaces or 1000 spaces
  2. Give the ability to your users to get a quick overview of the whole platform structure
Like the search, you can switch between views to better fit your need.
By default, this new page show you all your spaces clustered by group. Each line is a group, and the user can scroll horizontally to see more spaces into the group.
The major advantage of this design is that you don’t have to scroll too much vertically to see all the groups. It’s independent from the number of spaces inside a group. It scales both way.

8. The verified content has evolved too ✅

Two new things about verified content:
1) The expiration badge now appears in the content cards. Previously the badge only appeared when the content was up to date.
2) When a piece of content expires, you now receive an email notification as well. Always with the objective of keeping your content up to date.

9. Small, but mighty 🎉💪

Easy way to check all your duplicatesA good practice when building your knowledge base is to avoid duplicates. Elium provides you now an overview of all duplicate files on the platform.

To access this preview, go to the administration panel in the “Duplicated content” menu of the new “Content management” section.

Modernisation of the admin pages –  We continue the effort to modernize the administration pages. After the App Launcher management page, this time it’s the turn of the email pipelines page. This modernization will allow us to add new features in a second time.

Manage the digest frequencyThe digest is a very powerful tool to encourage your users to visit your platform.

You can now choose the frequency directly from the administration panel. To do so, go to the “Shared alerts” tab of the “E-mails” section.
There you can choose between several options: Once a day, every Monday, every Monday and Wednesday, once a month or never.

Easily download your exports – At Elium, we guarantee our customers the absolute recovery of all content that were stored by users in their own environment for whatever reason : for archival or backup purposes throughout the life cycle of the project or its end of life, for reusing or reinjecting these data in another device.

In order to easy the process, we’ve added a second page in the admin panel to download your platform exports.

We have released a new help center. Navigation is easier, but that’s not all! This new tool allows us to update the documentation faster. The goal is to have a more lively and helpful documentation for everyone.


10. And that is not all. 

Here are some other key developments related to security and our EU DNA.  🇪🇺🔐

Better management of certificates end of life

All platforms with SSO need a valid certificate on their Elium platform. When this certificate expires, users can no longer authenticate on the platform.
The challenge is to renew the certificate before it expires. Unfortunately, in the past, this was not done in time. 
We have therefore set up a preventive system.
  1. The status of the certificate is now clearly visible from the security tab
  2. Ten days before the certificate expiration date, an email is sent to the platform administrators. This email is sent back every day until a new certificate is implemented.

Changing the video encoder for a European provider 

At Elium, we favour European partners as much as possible. So we decided to change our provider for video encoding (encoding is done when you upload a video in a Story) to a provider who can do the transformation in Europe.
Recently, we have changed a whole series of providers to ensure that your data does not leave Europe. This is the latest example.

The antivirus integration in Elium is now more official

Elium includes an antivirus that can scan all files uploaded to your platform. After a long testing phase, we have now officially integrated it in the security page of the admin panel.