What's new at Elium? Here is a recap of the most recent product updates!

At Elium, our mission is to help companies grow by unlocking the power of knowledge sharing. When knowledge is accessible and actionable at all times, teams grow, and projects thrive. 

To deliver on this commitment and make Elium better and better, every month, we release new functionalities or improve existing ones.  

Let’s discover together all the major product updates of 2021!👇😁

1. A friendly welcome box created to help users find their way faster 👋

Users joining Elium are not lost when landing in the app for the first time. They are now greeted with a friendly Welcome Box message. Platform admins can edit this box using different formats, colours or friendly 😁 emojis. The text can be displayed in any language that is activated on the platform. 

P.S. This feature is also great for experienced users. It acts as a quick information section about the platform’s structure and can present key tips on making the most of Elium. 

2. Capturing knowledge creatively, made possible with the Drawings block 🖌

Sharing knowledge does not have to be boring, time-consuming or static. We have just added the drawing block to our versatile editor, which already offers dozens of content blocs (tables, images, videos). You can create anything from sketches to mind maps in Elium, and:

 Save time. No need to go to Powerpoint to explain a concept visually.

🔎 Improve search results. Whatever text you add into the drawing will be searchable, unlike when adding a print screen from Powerpoint.

🖌 Get creative with content shared. Visual content is easier to digest.

3. New ways to create and spread knowledge – with Slack integrations  

✍️ Capturing. When using Slack for internal communication, your team shares a large volume of crucial information in #channels. It is now possible to capture this knowledge and publish it in Elium – your single source of truth, at the click of a button. Thus, no key update is lost, but instead stored and kept up to date in one of Elium’s Spaces.  

📨 Spreading. Whenever a new piece of content is created in Elium, your team can be notified in Slack instantly, in a #channel of your choice. As such, everyone stays up to date with what is new at all times.

These 2-way integrations ensure that no critical information is lost in #channels and that everyone stays on the same page at all times. 

4. Sharing knowledge with users outside Elium, now available 📣 

We know that, at times, you need to share knowledge with people outside your company, especially if you work in Marketing or other customer-facing roles. In Elium, you have a central place of truth for all your company’s trusted knowledge, and from now on, you can quickly share this knowledge with users outside the platform. 

A Story (the feature used to capture new knowledge in Elium) can be made visible on the web through an easy to create link. You can now: 

😁 Simplify collaboration with external partners without the need to use insecure, time-consuming document transfer platforms. 

👌 Share and disable the public link of a Story in an instant, with no tech skills. Forget all about complicated access levels.

✅ Stop worrying about data leaking or misuse of information. You can see and disable all public stories from the Admin – Security Panel. 

5.  Enhanced integrations with Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams 

✍️ Capturing. For companies using Sharepoint as a document library, this new integration allows users to quickly embed a company file from this platform inside an Elium story. This helps employees to enrich shared knowledge by referencing existing company documents. It gives them the possibility to put documents into context and ensure that readers know how to make use of the shared knowledge. 

📨 Spreading. With the new Microsoft Teams – Elium integration, users are always up to date with what is new in Elium. Administrators can decide for content notifications to be pushed in Teams whenever a new Story is published or set-up an Elium tab inside a Teams channel.  This tab can show a set of validated documents, display the activity feed of a specific spaces or showcase an important Story. 

6. Knowledge that adapts: Automatic Translation of content 🌍🇪🇸🇩🇪🇵🇹🇫🇷 

Many of our clients use Elium to share knowledge with teams from different countries in one central place. And that usually means communicating in more than just one language. Translating content can become a tedious and time-consuming process. Luckily, from now, we got you covered. 

👩‍💼 Contributors can now instantly translate the content they are working on starting from an automatically suggested machine translation. 

👩‍💻 Readers can automatically translate any content written in another language than the one they use on the platform. 

Both actions can be done with just a click of a button, as the auto-translate feature is automatic and machine-enabled. 

7. Knowledge that stays alive: Content Transfer when an employee leaves 📮 

Teams using Elium have reported how it is so much easier than before for everyone in the organisation to share their knowledge and insights. 

But there was a missing link and several important questions. 

  • What happened with the knowledge created by a team member once they decided to leave the organisation?
  • Will it still be kept alive if no one was around to update it?
  • Will people still use it? 
  • Will critical business content have to be recreated?

Luckily, here at Elium, we found a solution to this. When an employee leaves the organisation, he can assign one or several successors to take over their content and ensure it stays up to date.

If the departure is rushed, platform administrators can force a content transfer by choosing who will inherit this employee’s content. 😁 

8. Knowledge that is engaging to create: the New Elium Editor ✍️👩‍💻🚀  

Knowledge that is engaging to create: the New Elium Editor ✍️👩‍💻🚀In the past months, working with our community of clients and partners, we worked to improve the sharing experience in Elium, and revamp the editor. This resulted in several key improvements: 

✍️ Improved the UI. Making the content blocks and editing options more visible and ensuring that sharing new knowledge is fast and easy.

✍️ Added new content blocks. Such as the code block or the drawings one, enabling teams to share knowledge visually. 

✍️ Made everything simpler. We made it simple to capture new knowledge using tables, increased the visibility of Keyboards shortcuts and introduced the automatic numbering of your titles. 

✍️ Linked different pieces of knowledge together with ease.  It is easier and more visual to link the content you are working on with an improved version of the Story card functionality. 

9. Knowledge that is collaborative – introducing annotations📮 

In Elium, there are already several options for colleagues or partners to collaborate around shared knowledge. Users can comment, like or co-edit a Story, thus enriching the information shared. 

To take collaboration one step forward, we are introducing the annotations – an option which:

  • ✍️ allows every user to add in-line feedback to different sections of a Story (content)
  • ✍️ enables Story (content) creators to reply to these comments and resolve them when changes have been made 

And just like that, collaboration around knowledge is faster and easier. 

10. Up-to-date knowledge – made even more visible, in new touchpoints ✅

Elium offers users the possibility to add an expiry date to the knowledge shared. This helps readers know if the content of the Story can be trusted or not. When the expiry date arrives, the Story owner is notified to update its content and bring it up to speed. 

Up to date Stories are marked with a ✅ green sign, while those expired are marked with a ❌ red one. 

This information was visible only when opening the Story. From now on, this is visible in new touchpoints:

  • In the Content Feed of the Homepage and Spaces 
  • In Story Cards – when embedding a Story inside another Story 
  • In the search results of an Advanced Search query  


Just like that, everyone knows which knowledge is reliable and which needs to be updated with one single glimpse. 

11. The AI Knowledge Assistant – here to keep your platforms content up to date

When it comes to having a reliable knowledge base, ensuring content is up to date is crucial. To enable this, in addition to the Mark up to date feature, we are introducing the AI Knowledge Assistant, available on mobile, for the time being. Once every few visits, mobile users get smart suggestions essential to keep knowledge relevant. These include:

👌 Deleting content which is old and unused
👌 Publishing Stories saved in the Personal Content a long time ago OR
👌 Updating expired content 

With small gestures and intelligent suggestions, everybody contributes to a knowledge platform they can trust at all times. 

12. Significant improvements of the mobile app 

👉Enhanced Security – We added an enhanced security layer on the mobile app by implementing biometric and code-base authentication. Users can now add a thumbnail to a Story directly from the mobile app and check their Elium notifications from the home screen of their iOS phone. 

👉 Customised Branding – From now on, you can choose to customise the mobile app to resemble more your company’s branding. Give it a name that speaks to your team, use your corporate colours and just like that ensure that your team is excited to use it. 

13. Added the possibility to spread content to a team🤝

In Elium, besides being members of Spaces, users can be part of specific teams (e.g. sales). Administrators have to set-up them. Once teams are created, users in Elium can easily spread knowledge to a larger audience without adding each user manually. Instead, they can directly select the team of interest. 


14. Enabled metadata export for administrators 🔎

For platform administrators interested in going beyond Platform Analytics to understand the performance of their platform, we have just enabled metadata export. The content is exported in a .csv file and includes the title of stories, associated tags, author name, publication date and other similar attributes. 

🧐 15. Knowledge that is easy to preview – preview story cards

To make knowledge discovery faster, we introduced Preview of Story Cards. This feature allows users to quickly preview the content of a Story, before opening it.

This is particularly useful when users browse stories on the homepage or in the Search query.

📈16. The Elium – Microsoft PowerBI Integration now available

Elium seamlessly integrates with several Microsoft applications: Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams. And from now on Elium also integrates with PowerBi allowing you to measure the impact of knowledge sharing, directly in your preferred analytics environment.

Reach out to our teams to find out more.

And actually, a lot more. We also have:

✅ Revamped the notifications centre by sorting notifications into 3 different sections: unread, all and saved.
✅ Enabled users to see who is editing a content when it is being edited. The name of the editor will appear when you pass over the “edit” button.
✅ Ensured gifs can be displayed in the comments section. 
✅ Added new details in the Platform’s Analytics.  In the Story analytics, in addition to the unique viewers, you can now see who has commented and liked a Story. And in the Invitation to Read and Broadcast sections, we also show you the exact number of people who have read or opened the email on top of the percentage.
✅ Facilitated access to our API documentation through the Admin panel to support the custom development initiatives of our clients. 
✅ Implemented the Autosave functionality. Every few minutes, we autosave in your browser the Story you are working on. In the event of an unexpected situation (browser crash, losing internet connection, your laptop battery dies), once you are back, we show you the latest auto-saved version. And ask you if you would like to restart editing from there. 

And just like that, you discovered what is new at Elium in 2021. 

If you have specific questions, just drop us a message. We are always eager to chat.