EURA NOVA's working environment conducive to learning


EURA NOVA favours an innovative approach based on diversification (training, technology projects, management excellence), partnership (academic, open source and privileged private actors) and collaboration (internal and external).

The team even have their own incubator lab. They encourage their clients to adopt a startup mentality using their own internal process, the ‘Dream, Do, Deliver’ approach. Each of the three steps are undertaken by both the EURA NOVA team and their clients:

Dream  - The team focuses on creatively broadening the client’s perspectives and vision of the future.

Do - They develop custom-made and innovative solutions which add value to the client’s bottom-line and provide them with a competitive edge.

Deliver - They implement the solutions within the organisation as efficiency as possible.

EURA NOVA’s business is all about knowledge, and its use in different environments, so its employees have an inquisitive nature and a continuous desire to learn. From the outset, EURA NOVA sought to differentiate itself from its competitors by providing a work environment conducive to learning and interaction. The objective: to have better trained, more efficient consultants, and above all, create a dynamic, innovative and creative culture. This approach was intended to not only promote the development of its staff but also directly benefit clients involved in the collaborative process. This posed an immediate challenge due to the nature of EURA NOVA’s activities, and the geographical distribution of participants.

Elium has become the concrete embodiment of the collaborative spirit implemented within EURA NOVA. People within the EURA NOVA network have intuitively perceived that their inputs to the project were efficiently tackled, and that they were clearly invited to take part in the action through it. Thanks to this, we are able to provide the relevant support and added value promised to our clients

Hervé Bath, co-founder of Eura Nova

Collective, interactive and open

The first step EURA NOVA took was to adopt a solution for managing interactive and collective knowledge. A knowledge base which could provide more than the sum of individual knowledge within it, and one that everyone, wherever they were, could use. Interactive functions such as comments and assessments were essential. EURA NOVA also wanted to interact with its clients via this platform, so it needed to maintain perfect control of security, access rights and information visibility.

For the individual employee

  • Knowledge base: increasing skills through access to each other’s knowledge and stimulation of everyone’s natural curiosity
  • Invitation to participate in the discussions, which increases the sense of mutual responsibility rather than that of hierarchy
  • Space for sharing personal information on interests and hobbies, which also contributes to building mutual trust

For the management

  • Alerts for any changes to internal information status, close monitoring of all information produced.
  • Status alert on exchanges relating to a client’s case: close monitoring of changes in missions.
  • Human resource management and personal development: space sharing between each consultant and their direct management.
  • External communication: feeding the EURA NOVA website with news and information from Elium.

For the group

  • Knowledge capitalisation.
  • Transparent internal communication.
  • Sense of belonging.

For the client

  • Added value: wealth of experience, collective skill set and part of a bigger picture.
  • Access to a reserved shared space on Elium for improved interaction.