A transversal platform for knowledge at TCS


With around 1.5 million members, the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) is the largest mobility club in Switzerland. Founded in Geneva in 1896, the non-profit association consists of a central club and 24 sections.

The club defends the free choice of means of transport and is a privileged interlocutor of the cantonal and federal authorities. For more than a century, it has been committed to the safety of all road users, through awareness campaigns and studies on the quality of road infrastructure.

The collaborative intranet project came from the desire to reactivate the old corporate network and reposition it as a collaborative work platform. Setting up a platform for cross-functional work and inter-department exchanges for internal and external collaborations was a challenge for the organisation. A common thread during the project was the idea of actually creating a feeling of togetherness and 'one-TCS'.

Platform implementation objectives

  • Breakdown silos
  • Encourage transparency
  • Simplify interactions
  • Inspire collaboration between HQ and sections
  • Integrate efficiently alongside the intranet for employees

Human Resources uses the collaborative intranet to share information and advice, and the Corporate Communication department use it to coordinate and exchange with the cantonal sections. On it, the Public Affairs division provides information on specific themes and political issues concerning various internal partners and sections.

Shared content mainly involves planning, information about marketing campaigns and internal reporting.

Launch & Benefits

The pilot phase lasted 12 months between 2015 and 2016. The official launch took place in September 2016 at the same time as the relaunch of the intranet.

Before the rollout, managers were made aware of the benefits of a collaborative platform through a Management Forum event. Employee awareness on the topic was raised through the internal magazine, 'Zoom'.

During the official internal launch, a teaser campaign, based on the concept of 'Everything changes except the name', was broadcasted on the intranet, supported by a distribution of flyers, articles in the organisation magazine and even through lipstick messages in the bathrooms! Videoclips and video tutorials were produced and 'Lunch & Learn' sessions were organised on various company sites. Finally, a campaign of user testimonies were published every two weeks to encourage people to use the platform.

Due to the well thought out integration with the existing intranet, strong communication during the launch and the responsiveness to questions, the platform made it possible to unload the Political Service. Information and documentation was made available in the Public Affairs area as part of an extensive national campaign. The exchanges between the head office and the sections were facilitated, as well as transversal activities, coordination and planning. As the use of the platform became more widespread, new uses are discovered and adopted. The platform administrator and the Communication Service are at the users’ disposal to facilitate the implementation.