Bouygues Construction | Elium


As a global player in construction and services, Bouygues Construction designs, builds and operates public and private buildings, transport infrastructures, energy and communication networks. Being a leader in the sustainable construction sector, the Group has a long-term commitment to helping its customers shape a better life.

Industry: Construction
Solution: Knowledge Management
Revenue: 206 million euros
Employees: 53500
Countries: 80

The challenge

Back in 2013, the HR department’s mission was to ensure greater proximity to the collaborators, the business partners and to their demands through increased communication. They needed a central collaboration platform where the content delivery takes place. Enabling collaborators to share knowledge helps them to work collaboratively worldwide, be mobile, develop skills and make knowledge more sustainable.

Bouygues Project | Elium


Elium is a user-friendly platform. Its flexible structure adapts as the company’s needs of multilingualism expand. Bouygues Construction can also build an attractive structure encouraging collaborators to access resources like learning materials, HR news, company policies and procedures. Finally, the platform provides fluid communication flows to react and create collaborative discussions.

Elium was victim of its own success at Bouygues Construction; due to its appealing design, getting our colleagues of the HR Department onboard was an easy task​


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