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Eura Nova’s working environment conducive to learning

Eura Nova offers expert consultancy for IT projects, solution delivery and innovation advisory. They foster their client companies digital transformation to differentiate them strategically using information management, big data and analytics. Parallely, they implement active surveillance of technology trends to boost innovation.


IT Consulting


Knowledge management


8 million euros





The challenge

Back in 2009, Eura Nova wanted to differentiate itself by providing a work environment fostering learning and interaction.

The project consisted in having better trained, more efficient collaborators and creating a dynamic and innovative culture.

This approach was intended to not only promote staff development but also benefit clients involved in the collaborative process.

These are major challenges due to the nature of EURA NOVA’s activities.

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Why Elium?

Eura Nova chose Elium to build a business model based on knowledge.

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An easily adaptable structure for evolving needs

The project team has full autonomy over the platform and adapts it as its needs expand. They kept using Elium while growing from twenty to a hundred collaborators.


Fluid communication flows

Elium is a flexible and interactive knowledge base used to manage collective information, ask for reactions and create collaborative discussions increasing the sense of mutual responsibility.

A high level of search functionality

This highly organised structure can handle a large database of market insights, business experiences and resources.

Simple features to engage the audience

Notifying people and setting up alerts relating to a client’s case allows a close monitoring of changes in missions.

What were the results?

There were improvements across the organisation, including:

Enhanced business understanding

The platform promotes knowledge capitalisation increasing skills through access to each other’s knowledge and stimulates everyone’s natural curiosity.

Increased collaboration

Thanks to Elium collaborators create project spaces and communities which promote transparent internal communication and interactions.

Breakdown silos between locations

It encourages transparency and builds confidence to favour a sense of belonging.

Ease to remote-work

Collaborators can easily access the SaaS platform everywhere which makes the project team more efficient.

How do we make it a success?

Thanks to our well-established approach over the years, the implementation of a platform is generally a quick process. Our customer success team is reactive in response to their tight deadlines, and have the platform up and running in just a few weeks.

Kick off with the project team
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Define initial parameters
Train project team
Challenge their needs to build the right structure
Set up architecture
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Train key contributors
Feed the platform with high value content
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Their platform

We created the Elium platform for Eura Nova, working with them to create four main spaces for their collaborators.

Core-knowledge base

Collaborators can access the company’s core knowledge base which is split into three spaces: academic, public and live knowledge sharing.


This set of spaces gathers all support resources needed to manage the company’s administrative support, internal communication, etc.

Soft skills development

In these spaces, collaborators and newcomers can find all the materials needed to ensure a nice and complete onboarding and training.

Board exchange

Here, managers can share information on strategy and take better decisions.

Elium has become the concrete embodiment of the collaborative spirit implemented within EURA NOVA. People within the EURA NOVA network have intuitively perceived that their inputs to the project were efficiently tackled, and that they were clearly invited to take part in the action through it. Thanks to this, we are able to provide the relevant support and added value promised to our clients.



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Why Elium?

We have European DNA

We are an European SaaS, fully compliant with GDPR legalities and with EU-based hosting. 

Top-notch Security

With privacy-first design (2FA, SSO) and clear security policies, your knowledge is safe with us.

Easy Product Governance

Elium empowers administrators to handle access levels and ensure a simple and secure structure. 

Available on all devices

Your knowledge is always with you, available on mobile via our iOS and Android native apps.

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Getting started is easy

Elium is a flexible SaaS solution with a reduced learning curve, easy to set-up and deploy. 

Our team is here to help

With 10+ years of experience, our Customer Team is here to ensure the success of your project. 

Integrated with your tools

Elium seamlessly integrates with Microsoft, G-Drive, Slack and Facebook Workplace. 

Transparent Roadmap

Our development roadmap is available online and you can offer your feedback or proposals.