Eura Nova offers expert consultancy for IT projects, solution delivery and innovation advisory. They foster their client companies digital transformation to differentiate them strategically using information management, big data and analytics. Parallely, they implement active surveillance of technology trends to boost innovation.

Industry: IT Consulting
Solution: Knowledge Management
Revenue: 8 million euros
Employees: 100
Countries: 3

The challenge

Back in 2009, Eura Nova wanted to differentiate itself by providing a work environment fostering learning and interaction. The project consisted in having better trained, more efficient collaborators and creating an innovative culture. This approach was intended to not only promote staff development but also benefit clients involved in the collaborative process. These are major challenges due to the nature of Eura Nova’s activities.


Thanks to the tool appropriation, collaborators can benefit from fluid communication flows promoting a sense of mutual responsibility. The platform also proved to be an easily adaptable structure as Eura Nova kept using Elium while their collaborators’ number increased. In addition, this highly organised structure can handle a large database and provide a high level of search functionalities. Finally, Elium presents simple features to engage the audience.

Elium has become the concrete embodiment of the collaborative spirit implemented within Eura Nova. People within the Eura Nova network have intuitively perceived that their inputs to the project were efficiently tackled, and that they were clearly invited to take part in the action through it. Thanks to this, we are able to provide the relevant support and added value promised to our clients.


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