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Ortis Laboratories have been pioneering plant-based health for 60 years. The aim of the 125 collaborators at Ortis is to achieve a sustainable improvement in people’s well-being by developing, producing and marketing natural herbal food supplements fulfilling the most stringent quality, efficacy and safety requirements.

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Solution: Knowledge Management
Revenue: 4 million euros
Employees: 125
Countries: 1

The challenge

Back in 2014, Ortis Laboratories needed to find a system to centralise and disseminate the results of market intelligence in the most homogeneous way. The quest for a knowledge sharing tool then began. Enabling collaborators to share their knowledge is vital, as it means that information on clients and products is capitalised. The project team needed to provide a simple answer to fulfill the explicit and tacit knowledge needs any collaborator has to perform.

Ortis | Elium


Elium provides a quick access to relevant content in one central place and staff members can get updates from the field using smartphones. Parallely, by reducing silos between, collaborators the platform offers a place to create collaborative discussions and allows fluid communication flows. Thanks to these features, Elium is an easy way to structure their knowledge.

Establishing such a system, requiring necessary changes in working methods, is not always easy. The barriers indeed exist and the Knowledge Management team must constantly communicate and disseminate good practices and benefits. All this is only the reflection of a beautiful adventure where people remain happily in the center of the journey, with its ups and downs!


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