PMU | Elium


As the 3rd horse betting operator worldwide, PMU has been designing, developing and organising horse betting since 1930. International competitive intelligence is key for PMU’s Product and Market Watch Department.

Industry: Gaming
Solution: Market Watch
Revenue: 10 Billion Euros
Countries: 1

The challenge

Back in 2009, PMU’s Product and Market Watch team wanted to use a collaborative intelligence SaaS software to avoid overloading the internal IT resources. Enabling PMU to be more reactive to market changes was vital as the market’s information, players and institutional documents would be accessible to make better strategic decisions. The project was to provide easy access to an international news feed and to support PMU’s international development.


Elium is a user-friendly platform. It gives quick access to relevant content. Collaborators can centralise content, interesting information flows and bring together up-to-date knowledge bubbles. This easily adaptable structure gives collaborators full autonomy over the platform. Finally, Elium eases knowledge organisation. Staff members can create spaces and tabs in one click, move, edit and archive content easily.

I particularly appreciate how Elium combines the dynamics and the collective intelligence of social networks with a structured document database. This reinforces the impact and scope of our work.


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