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PMU: Sharing market intelligence within the organisation

As the 3rd horse betting operator worldwide, PMU has designed, developed and organised horse betting since 1930. International competitive intelligence is key for the PMU’s Product and Market Watch Department.


Gaming industry


Market watch


10  billion euros



The challenge

Back in 2009, the PMU’s Product and Market Watch team wanted to use a collaborative intelligence Saas software to avoid overloading the internal IT resources. 

Enabling PMU to be more reactive to market changes was vital as the market’s information, players and institutional documents would be accessible to make better strategic decisions.

The project was to provide easy access to an international news feed and a platform and support PMU’s international development.

Why us ?

Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) needed a platform to capitalize con- tent and work more collaboratively. They chose Elium to sup- port their mission as the solution offered unique capabilities:

A user-friendly interface

Easy to use, modern and responsive platform which fosters a collaborative and dynamic contribution.

Easy way to structure your knowledge

Create spaces and tabs in one click, move, edit & archive content easily.

Quick access to relevant content

Ability to centralize content, interesting information flows bringing together up-to-date knowledge bubbles.

An easily adaptable structure for evolving needs

Full autonomy over the platform to expand to users’ needs without the help of the IT department.

What were the results ?

There were improvements across the organisation, including:

Increased autonomy

Thanks to Elium collaborators are more proactive and access knowledge on-demand.

Decreased time to produce internal products

The solution reduces the time to create newsletters and enriches contents like syntheses, intelligence reports, etc.

Ease to remote-work

Collaborators can easily access the Saas platform everywhere which makes the project team more efficient.

Enhanced business understanding

The platform increases the collaborators’ expertise on the gaming market in order to make better decisions.

How do we make it a success?

Thanks to our well-established approach over the years, the implementation of a platform is generally a quick process. Our customer success team is reactive in response to their tight deadlines, and have the platform up and running in just a few weeks.

Kick off with the project team
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Define initial parameters
Train project team
Challenge their needs to build the right structure
Set up architecture
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Train key contributors
Feed the platform with high value content
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Their platform

We created the Elium platform for PMU, working with them to create 4 main types of spaces for their collaborators.

International department

This set of spaces contains every working document related to the international department.

Competitive intelligence

In this space collaborators capture competitive intelligence content: presentation, rules, competition news, benchmark studies and more.

International news

This space contains all the news and insights of the international market.

External publications

Here, collaborators will mostly find information related to each continent’s political framework.

I particularly appreciate how Elium combines the dynamics and the collective intelligence of social networks with a structured document database. This reinforces the impact and scope of our work.


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Why Elium?

We have European DNA

We are an European SaaS, fully compliant with GDPR legalities and with EU-based hosting. 

Top-notch Security

With privacy-first design (2FA, SSO) and clear security policies, your knowledge is safe with us.

Easy Product Governance

Elium empowers administrators to handle access levels and ensure a simple and secure structure. 

Available on all devices

Your knowledge is always with you, available on mobile via our iOS and Android native apps.

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Getting started is easy

Elium is a flexible SaaS solution with a reduced learning curve, easy to set-up and deploy. 

Our team is here to help

With 10+ years of experience, our Customer Team is here to ensure the success of your project. 

Integrated with your tools

Elium seamlessly integrates with Microsoft, G-Drive, Slack and Facebook Workplace. 

Transparent Roadmap

Our development roadmap is available online and you can offer your feedback or proposals.