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With around 1.5 million members, the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) is the largest mobility club in Switzerland. Founded in Geneva in 1896, the non-profit association defends the free choice of means of transport. For more than a century, TCS has been committed to the safety of all road users, through awareness campaigns and studies on the quality of road infrastructures.

Industry: Non-Profit Association
Solution: Social Intranet
Employees: 1500
Countries: 1

The challenge

Back in 2015, Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) wanted to reactivate the old corporate network and reposition it as a collaborative work platform. Enabling collaborators to ease transversal exchanges between departments, locations and teams was a key challenge. The project was to set up a collaborative platform for cross-functional work and inter-department exchanges. The idea was to have a better governance of information and to work more collaboratively.

TCS Road | Elium


TCS enjoys four major benefits. Elium is a balance between structured librairies and social feedback. Parallely, its easily adaptable structure gives the project team full autonomy over the platform and adapts as their needs expand. Furthermore, collaborators can quickly access relevant content. Finally, Elium is a flexible platform offering fluid communication flows. It is used to ask for reactions and create collaborative discussions.

We wanted Elium to be a key element of the TCS digital workplace. The possibility to upgrade to Elium was a real win for us. This knowledge-oriented tool gives us the opportunity to reposition our social network. It offers a lot of value.


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