Are you using Notion to manage your team’s knowledge? Do you find that it is no longer a fit for your organisation growing needs? 

We can help!  

Switch to Elium to enjoy the benefits of a professional KM Tool for growing teams. 

No compromises on price and user experience. 


Do you find yourself in any of these situations?

❌Are your employees struggling to find the knowledge they need inside Notion? Is searching for the right information tedious?
❌ Is your Knowledge Manager overwhelmed by colleagues asking what document is up to date? Is marking content as valid or outdated a long and complicated task?
❌ Is your team confused by all the information poured into Notion (tasks, documents, project progress, knowledge about your product or services)?
It looks like you grew, and so did the knowledge needs of your team!
Move to Elium today.  

See how Elium and Notion compare and what’s in it for you.

Core Knowledge Features



Great user experience - easy to set-up and use
Mobile App for iOS and Android
Integrates with Google, Microsoft and Slack
Advanced Analytics to measure impact
Intuitive expiration dates for content & reminders
Knowledge in several languages & automatic translation
Dedicated KM-focused customer support
On-demand Knowledge Management Trainings
Knowledge you can always trust

Reduce manual work. Know what content is valid. Be notified when it expires. Easily update it. 

Yes, Notion allows you to store knowledge and organise it around key topics. 

But, as content becomes denser, keeping it up to date becomes challenging. Your team struggles to find good information, and your Knowledge Manager wastes hours manually tagging expired content. 

Luckily, Elium offers an automated tagging system. It lets you know which content is up to date and which has expired. Content owners are notified to update it. 


Knowledge that passes the test of time

Your team scales fast. Make sure your knowledge platform keeps us at this pace.  

Yes, as your company scales and grows, your team evolves too. Speedy hirings, transitions, and promotions are common. 

But, with Notion, your knowledge base cannot keep up. As personnel changes happen, there is no easy way to handle content ownership.

Luckily, in Elium, when someone changes jobs, content ownership can be quickly transferred. This ensures all essential knowledge remains in safe hands. 

Knowledge actions you can measure

Teams interact with content in your knowledge base. Don’t be left in the dark. Get key insights about usage through Analytics. 

Yes, as your company interacts with knowledge (creating, searching, reading), your KM Manager wants to analyse usage data and take action. 

But, in Notion, there is no built-in analytics allowing you to do so. You need to invest more time and budget for custom development. 

Luckily, in Elium, with advanced built-in Analytics, you can discover trending searches, ambassadors, and knowledge gaps. All with just a few clicks. 

Knowledge that internationalises, as your company does

Once your company scales, international expansion is a fact. Automatically translate your knowledge in just a few clicks. 

Yes, as your company expands internationally, your knowledge base needs to serve the needs of employees whose first language is not English. 

But, in Notion, there is no easy way to enable to make the same content available in different languages.

Luckily, Elium can automatically translate your knowledge in dozens of international languages. 


Worried about migration? Our team of knowledge experts is here to help. 

Charlotte Convent

Head of Customer Success

Sophie Decloux

Customer Success Consultant

Patrick Racz

Technical Consultant
Integrations & Technical Advisory

Nicolas Parvais

Security Manager and DPO
Infrastructure & GDPR


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