Is your company scaling-up?Seeking to enhance knowledge management?

We understand the appeal of Notion, as a great all-in-one tool.

Yet, meeting growing knowledge demands requires the right tools and support. Let’s deep-dive.


First things first. Are these familiar to you?

❌ Your startup is ready to scale, but knowledge management lags behind.
❌ Teams struggle to access information, resorting to manual queries.
❌ Overwhelmed Knowledge managers face constant questions and document upkeep.
❌ Employees feel scattered and disoriented.
❌ Your current knowledge management tools appear outdated.

If your company is growing and knowledge needs are expanding, you might be considering Notion. 

Yet, scale-up Knowledge Managers show that specialised knowledge needs call for specialised tools. 

That’s why Elium might be a better fit. 

Trustworthy Knowledge

Reduce manual work. Know at all times what  knowledge is up to date. Be notified when it expires.

Notion can store vast volumes of knowledge, but managing updates can be a challenge.

Knowledge Managers manually tag expired content, which isn’t sustainable long-term.

Elium automates expiration dates and notifies content owners, saving time and energy for teams.

Time-tested knowledge

Your team changes fast during a scale-up. Ensure your knowledge platform is able to keep up. 

As your company expands your team undergoes changes like rapid hiring, transitions, and promotions, managing your knowledge base might become challenging with Notion.

Elium simplifies this by enabling quick content ownership transfer during personnel changes, ensuring knowledge continuity over time. 


Measurable Knowledge

Teams interact with knowledge. Don’t stay in the dark. Get key usage insights through Analytics. 

Your might want to understand how teams are using shared knowledge. Notion lacks built-in analytics, requiring additional time and budget for custom development. 

Elium simplifies this with built-in Analytics, offering insights into trending searches, ambassadors, and knowledge gaps with just a few clicks.

Knowledge that scales globally.

When your company scales  internationally, automated translate of  knowledge is critical.

As your company goes global, your knowledge base must cater to non-English speakers.

Notion lacks an easy way to provide content in multiple languages.

Elium simplifies this by automatically translating knowledge into numerous international languages.

Need a side-by-side comparison? Here it is. 

Core Knowledge Features



Great user experience - easy to set-up and use
Mobile App for iOS and Android
Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft
Advanced Analytics to measure impact
Intuitive expiration dates for content & reminders
Knowledge in several languages & automatic translation
Dedicated KM-focused customer support
On-demand Knowledge Management Trainings

Are you currently using Notion and want to migrate your data? Our team of knowledge experts is here to help. 

Charlotte Convent

Head of Customer Success

Sophie Decloux

Customer Success Consultant

Patrick Racz

Technical Consultant
Integrations & Technical Advisory

Nicolas Parvais

Security Manager and DPO
Infrastructure & GDPR


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