Onboarding Services

In 10+ years of experience, we learned the importance of a 360° deployment process.
Actions need to be taken every step of the way to ensure key stakeholders stay aligned and engaged.
Thus, to boost your deployment, we’ve developed several methodologies to ensure your team is onboarded correctly.

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FAST Methodology

This methodology will allow you to have your platform up and running in a few weeks.

We will work together on several pillars such as the definition of your objectives & scope to make sure the platform is successfully implemented internally.

ADOPT Methodology

Our ADOPT approach is the perfect fit to your needs if you are looking for an in-depth approach to your project.

This methodology includes specific workshops on the strategic aspect of your project and is taking the time to train your key users.

This method is built in 5 key phases.

FLEX Methodology

At the intersection of these two methodologies, we can design a personalised onboarding methodology to better fit your particular needs and expectations.

Administrators training
(On-site or remote)

This training session will allow administrators to learn about all the key functionalities of the administration of Elium.

We make sure that after this training, administrators know how to use Elium to its full potential.

Key contributors training
(On-site or remote)

Train your power users of Elium to make sure they can use all the advanced contribution functionalities and take the most of Elium’s platform.

This training session is tailored to your specific needs.


End-users training
(On-site or remote)

This training session has the purpose to give a basic training to your end-users to make sure they understand the tool and the added value of it.

It will be tailored to your specific needs to illustrate concrete situations to your end-users.

Personalised Onboarding videos

As technology evolves, the way we learn also changes.
This onboarding video service will allow you to offer your users personalized tutorials on key Elium features for faster and more effective onboarding on the tool.