Elium For Sales

Empower sales to win. Offer instant access to the right knowledge at the right time.

Let’s face it. CRM solutions don’t always help sales teams to serve customers better. They ask for tedious time investment without providing much support to win projects and delight clients. 
Here is where Elium kicks in. It puts the proper knowledge at your teams’ fingertips – sales scripts, strategies, battle cards or playbooks. All available on both mobile and desktop.

Take the sales experience of your team to the next level with knowledge management.

3 x Faster response time to clients

One central hub for all the insights needed to serve and delight clients. 

10 hours saved every week

No need to waste time searching for the right sales documentation. 

Faster onboarding of new hires

With video content and onboarding checklists, new sales staff learns faster.

50% more connected and agile

Elium is always available on desktop and mobile app for sales reps on the go.

Onboarding and Training

From zero to hero. Onboard new hires faster and smarter. 

Digitalise the sales training experience

Blending video, sales scripts and product know-how. Let salespeople learn at their pace, on mobile or desktop. 

Speed-up onboarding and learning

Reuse knowledge from your platform and make it instantly available to newcomers due to Elium’s Story Cards and checklists.  

Sales Enablement

Reduce response time. Give sales trusted and instant access to resources they need to win. 

Centralise sales docs in one single place

Ensuring teams can find the information they need with one Search, everywhere in the platform or inside attached files.  

Set them an expiry and verification date​

To ensure that sales materials are continuously updated and ready to use. 

Market Watch

Be one step ahead. Monitor competitors, prospects and market updates with ease. 

Benchmark competitors with ease

Using pre-defined templates to give your teams all the arguments they need to win.

And keep teams aware of what is new

Share updates about competitors with one click and automate weekly newsletters. 

Internal Collaboration

Enable teamwork. Give sales a platform to share their expertise and work with one another. 

Create synergies between teams

From different divisions or regions. Define templates to help them quickly share best practices, deals reviews or market insights.

Steer collaboration on deals and RFPs

Centralise and reuse sales docs. Encourage feedback and co-creation. Respond faster and better to clients enquiries. 

In a nutshell, Elium empowers sales teams to perform better due to its:

Powerful Search

for finding the correct information quickly, across thousands of data points.


that help facilitate sharing of best practices between sales professionals.

Public content

to easily create and share digitalised sales proposals with prospects.

Mobile app

that ensures teams can access needed information regardless of their location.

Email digests

to regularly keep teams up to date with everything new in the market.

And helps Sales Team Leaders to drive performance, with access to critical metrics on:

The level of user engagement inside the team

Showing the most active users and their preferred connection environment (web or mobile). 

The most researched topics and keywords

Highlighting what the knowledge needs and knowledge gaps inside the different sales teams are. 

And the knowledge preferences of your sales teams

Pinpointing what pieces of information are the most popular or what are those that need to be updated. 


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