February 2024: Let's discover some of the most exciting updates of the past few months!

1. We brought artificial intelligence to Elium in the form of Answer AI – get your questions answered in seconds. 💬🕒

Answer AI is your new AI companion, providing instant answers to your questions, searching inside files, and even videos.

Simply type your question and let AI Answer. Then, offer feedback on accuracy to help Answer improve. 

  • File indexing: Answer AI can now generate results based on files uploaded to Elium. Whether it’s a PDF or Word document, you can now pose questions and receive accurate answers.
  • Searching in videos: Answer AI can find the right answer, even if it has to search inside video files.
  • Feedback on Answers: We’ve integrated a feedback mechanism for answers generated by Answer AI. Beta users can provide feedback directly through the administration panel.

2. AI empowers you to enhance your writing. It rewrites, summarises, corrects, and improves content for you before publishing. 🖌

Artificial intelligence within Elium goes beyond Answer; it starts at the content creation phase within the editor.

When you highlight a text, a new option emerges, enabling you to refine your content using artificial intelligence. Whether you wish to summarise, translate, rephrase, or correct spelling mistakes, this feature offers a versatile tool for polishing your text. 

3. We introduced Approval – ensuring key information is approved before it becomes available to everyone.✅👁️🗨️

The Content Approval feature is designed to help you pre-validate any piece of information before it gets published on the platform.

In a nutshell:

  • It allows contributors to request approval for their content before publishing.
  • It enables approvers to request corrections and communicate with contributors before approving the content. 

As a result of this, your teams can be reassured that every piece of publicly available content is accurate, up-to-date, trustworthy and ready to be used.

4. Elium seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft Ecosystem as an official Office 365 Cloud Storage Partner. 🌐 

Thanks to this new integration, the user experience in Elium has significantly improved. 

Now, users can edit Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents directly from Elium collaboratively.  This eliminates the need for additional applications or for downloading and uploading files.

Multiple users can simultaneously edit the document, making collaboration more efficient and eliminating friction, resulting in an overall improved user experience.


5. Bringing more consistency to Elium users 

Over the past few months, we’ve worked to make the application more coherent and intuitive for everyone. We’ve not only grouped certain functionalities together but also reworked several components to provide a more unified and enjoyable experience.

Perhaps the most visible change in this version is the reworked navigation of the application. 

Two new tabs have been added: “My contents” and “Knowledge management”.

The various workflows were somewhat scattered throughout the application, but this has now been resolved! All Knowledge Management Tasks are in one place.

6. Improving productivity in Elium

After addressing consistency, we shifted our focus to enhancing the application’s productivity. We aimed to provide users with a clear view of all tasks that need completion to maintain an accurate knowledge base.
Today, when you explore these new tabs, you’ll notice a transition from a simple list to a table. This change makes information clearer and more structured, leading to more efficient content management.
Furthermore, grouped actions (bulk actions) are now present on all new tables. With just a few clicks, you can take actions for all the tasks in the table. These updates have been applied to all tables throughout the application, ensuring a more consistent user experience.

7. Elevating multilingual experiences

Language management has always been one of Elium’s strong points.

Users can now register multiple languages instead of just one.  Elium utilises this information intelligently to display content in the user’s chosen languages.

For instance, consider a user who speaks French and German on a platform with English as the default language.

If the user loads content translated into English and German, Elium would previously display the content in English.

Now, with the ability to register multiple languages, Elium will intelligently display the content in German, as it is one of the user’s selected languages for this content.

8. New content succession trigger

Going forward, simply assigning a successor will trigger the succession process.

Previously, it was necessary to deactivate the user whose content was to be transferred to initiate this workflow.

This posed a problem because, by its very nature, the goal of the succession workflow is to transfer content before the owner’s departure, and thus, the deactivation of their account. 

9. The publisher in the version history

Sometimes, the person publishing a version and its owner are not the same user.

We’ve clarified this situation in the version history. Hovering your mouse over the version badge will reveal the date and the person who published the version. 

Pretty exciting updates, right? Want to learn more about these or try Answer AI in your company?