EFUS | Elium


Bringing together 250 cities and regions from 16 countries, the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) is the only European network of local authorities dedicated to urban security and safety. This NGO supports local governments in the drafting, implementation and evaluation of their local security policy.

Industry: Public Company
Solution: Knowledge Management
Employees: 29
Countries: 16

The challenge

Back in 2014, EFUS needed to develop internal and external projects worldwide. Enabling EFUS to share knowledge with their members is vital to unite them all over Europe. The mission of the dedicated project team was to provide a tool that is easy to use and helps members gain visibilily in terms of image and impact.

EFUS room | Elium


The collaborative platform created early adopters, encouraged dialogue and introduced a new way of working. The platform facilitated the members access to EFUS services and resources. Members could benefit from fluid virtual interactions, create their thematic spaces and outline spaces’ respective functions. Elium is a user-friendly platform and provides a mobile application boosting adoption.

Through the platform, EFUS connects 250 local and regional authorities across Europe which share their practices. The organisation also provides them with a rich knowledge base upon which they can develop their policies and actions.



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