Professional Services

Training services

After using Elium for a while, you would like to re-engage your users internally?
You would like to remind all the best practices around the tool but it’s hard to find the time to do it?
These various trainings will give you the opportunity to train your users again and increase the engagement around the tool.

Administrators training (On-site or remote)

This training session will allow administrators to learn about all the key functionalities of the administration of Elium.

We make sure that after this training, administrators know how to use Elium to its full potential.

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Key contributors training (On-site or remote)

Train your power users of Elium to make sure they can use all the advanced contribution functionalities and take the most of Elium’s platform.

This training session is tailored to your specific needs.

End-users training (On-site or remote)

The purpose of this training session is to give basic training to your end-users to make sure they understand the tool and its added value of it.

It will be tailored to your specific needs to illustrate concrete situations to your end-users.

Expert technical services

Receive guidance from an Elium Technical Expert to work on all the technical aspects related to the integration of Elium into your existing systems.

Technical consultant services

Are you willing to spare time and delegate the management of technical aspects? Are you looking for a technical contact to connect with your IT team? 

Thanks to this service, we can accelerate your turnaround times by helping in the IT aspects of the platform.

Clean-up package

Are you feeling that your platform’s structure needs a deep cleaning but you cannot find enough resources internally to help you in the good maintenance of the tool?

Thanks to this service, an Elium consultant will apply your cleaning instructions directly on your platform.

Content migration services

Does your company have existing knowledge disseminated through shared drives and other complex or obsolescent solutions such as SharePoint, Lotus Notes or Google Sites? You would like this knowledge to be imported into Elium?

We can handle the migration of large volumes of content to Elium in record time.

Dedicated governance services

Our consultants are dedicated to make sure Elium is performing on a long-term basis within your company. Each workshop aims at guiding you on the basis of Elium’s best customer practices.

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Define and challenge your platform structure

After a few years of usage, your needs have evolved, new usages arrived, you received feedback from your end-users regarding the strategy around the tool, etc.

This workshop will give you the keys to guide you in the analysis of what’s existing today and challenge your needs.

Elium positioning in your company

Are you having trouble positioning Elium in your internal environment?

This workshop will help you understand the different tools and how to develop arguments to clarify usage of each tool.

Personalised engagement services

Receive guidance from an Elium expert to increase the engagement of your team around knowledge.


Increase adoption and user engagement

Are you looking for ideas or best practices to engage your users on your platform?

Thanks to this workshop and the expertise of our consultant, we will help you to identify how to re-engage your users on Elium.

Monitor satisfaction on your platform

Are you looking to receive direct feedback from your end-users to take corrective actions?

We are able to display a few questions in-app and build a complete report with insights.