The knowledge hub with smooth G-Suite integration

Elium offers a dedicated set of features to enable smooth integration with your day-to-day Google tools, making global knowledge sharing a breeze. Take your organisation to the next level and make the most of both solutions.

The G-Suite holds many great tools for collaboration, but one that’s missing is a way to showcase your department’s key content. Sharing relevant market news and internal resources can help grow the overall expertise of your organisation and build collective intelligence. To take your employees to the next level of knowledge sharing, all you need is this simple - yet valuable - layer on top of your existing tools. You wouldn’t want to use a solution that doesn’t cooperate fully with your existing digital workplace, so Elium’s integrations are there to make the shift as seamless as possible.

Manage access easily and securely

Seamless user authentication

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an incredible time-saver. No lost passwords or excuses, everyone is connected in a single click.

Secure and synchronised user provisioning

Automatically provision your authorised Google users in Elium, using the SCIM 2.0 protocol, and manage access remotely.

Showcase your Google Drive content

Synchronised Google Documents

Share unique Google Drive files in Elium without losing a single iteration or having to deal with distinct versions. Elium synchronises with Drive and allows you to tag and showcase your most relevant pieces of content without duplicating them.

Referenced folders

Often, projects are made up of multiple working files. Display snippets of your Google Drive folders on Elium to ease access to relevant sets of documents.

Embedded Google calendars and forms

Display shared calendars, subscription or feedback forms and increase engagement within your Elium communities.

Send & receive, right from your mailbox

Digests and notifications in your Gmail

Activity digests from Elium are automatically sent to your collaborators, so everyone stays in the loop. Mentions and comments addressed to you are sent in real-time, direct to your mailbox.

Quick reply-by-email

Simply reply to an email notification sent by Elium to provide feedback or answer questions from your colleagues, without leaving your mailbox.

Email pipelines to share instantly

Don't miss any opportunity to share valuable content; send or forward emails, attachments or links to Elium using custom email inboxes with specific publication rules. Pipelines help you build creative curation processes with third-party tools.

There's more...

App launcher, right from Elium

Add shortcuts to your favorite Google tools using the app launcher, and ease access to your ecosystem.

A native app

Elium works on any device, whether it’s through our native Android (or iOS) app, or on Chrome (or any other major browser) thanks to its responsive design.

Further developments to come

Our Product team are always investigating new ways to enrich our set of features, constantly improving the integration and cooperation between Elium and your Google ecosystem. Take a look at our public roadmap!