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Knowledge transfer plan | elium
4 practical steps to an effective knowledge transfer plan 

When an important employee announces they’re leaving, it is only natural to stress over losing all the company knowledge and insights they possess. What can you do to preserve that

Change of management | Elium
7 team-focused steps to an effective change management

The rate of innovation in the modern world is increasing exponentially. Our connected world continuously overlaps people of different backgrounds and everly increases the flow of information. The constant spark

Change of management | Elium
7 Major workplace communication issues and how to solve them

In our post-pandemic hybrid and remote offices, workplace communication issues can create a negative working environment and cost your organisation financially. Individual teams and employees have different communication styles and

Data VS Information VS Knowledge | Elium
Understanding the Differences Between Data, Information and Knowledge

The words data, information and knowledge are often thrown around as substitutes for each other. However, these three terms technically mean separate things. You might ask, “Why bother being pedantic

Pharmaceutical Knowledge Management | Elium
Leveraging Knowledge Sharing to Improve Efficiencies in the Pharmaceutical Indus...

The global pharmaceutical market is valued at 1.27 trillion US dollars based on 2020 reports. Industry players need to focus on quality and innovation, the primary drivers for successful revenue

All about Knowledge Management for FMCG Companies in 2022

An FMCG company deals with producing fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). The goods produced by this type of company tend to have a relatively short shelf life and a quick turnover rate. 

What is procedural knowledge and how you can make the most of it?

By now, you have likely heard about the importance of knowledge sharing and knowledge management in your company. It seems pretty straightforward: placing more focus on the effective dissemination of knowledge throughout

4 Benefits of a Learning Organisation

Changes in the last two years have caused enormous disruptions in the way organizations function. Brick-and-mortar shops have become more oriented toward online shopping. Working at the office has been

Knowledge transfer plan | elium
Knowledge Sharing Vs Knowledge Management

Knowledge Sharing Vs Knowledge Management Knowledge is the cornerstone of a successful organisation. During the hiring process, we attempt to gauge the existing knowledge base of an applicant. We might

Enabling Knowledge Sharing for Efficient Customer Success Teams

Enabling Knowledge Sharing for Efficient Customer Success Teams Working in silos can destroy any customer-facing team. A 2018 Panopto study even found that siloed information costs US businesses a whopping