Facebook Workplace is the enterprise version of their public product. Mark Zuckerberg just announced at the F8 Conference the new design and features of the app. As in its public version, it includes news feed, groups, chat and people directory. Here are the new features they just announced.

What was improved?

  • It’s easier to reach the information you and your colleagues need by switching between Groups, Notifications and Chat. The new Notifications view helps you stay on top of your notifications by displaying them as inbox. Remember the Blackberry Hub? You get the idea.
  • Get work done, minus distractions : Groups are more prominent than before, reorder shortcuts, navigate across the groups you joined and collapse the right-hand side column to reduce distractions.
  • Machine learning everywhere : Information displayed on the homepage depends on who you interact with.
  • An extra bonus lets Teams switch from groups to chat in a second. They even get the same auto-translate as they use in the public version.

Why combining Elium and Workplace by Facebook can be a killer strategy for your company?

  • Everyone knows how to use Facebook. Workplace can drive a high rate of engaged colleagues due to their personal habits of using the public version back home.
  • In comparison with more traditional business tools, we’re seeing Workplace being widely adopted by blue and white collars in organisations for communicating and relaying key content.
  • Workplace’s ease of use makes it powerful for spreading short-lived content (chat and updates) across the organization, but necessarily comes with limitations when it comes to managing content and organising it for wide-scale access.
  • On the other hand, Elium is used by teams who have strong needs for efficiently creating, organising and distributing longer-lived content and assets.
  • Easily building a modern knowledge hub and driving readership is key to these teams’ success and to their colleagues ability to refind structured content.
  • This is where combining Workplace and Elium provides a great answer for driving your workforce’s growth: Workplace amplifies at scale knowledge work carried out in Elium while delivering a consistent and engaging user experience for all teams.

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