Do you protect my data and knowledge from common threats on the internet?

YES. Our product offers a standard protection against malware and virus. Once the option is activated, any image or file below 500 MB uploaded on Elium will be automatically screened

Can you set-up different level of access for people in the organisation?

YES. We enable permission levels and access rights within the app to be set for your usage. Easy and secure gouvernance is one of the most appreciated features of Elium. 

Does Elium encrypt data and knowledge shared inside the platform?

YES.. All data sent to or from Elium is encrypted in transit using 256 bit encryption. Our API and application endpoints are TLS/SSL only and score an “A+” rating on

Do you have a process to ensure password and credentials are safe at all times?

YES. Elium provides three password levels complexity and credentials are stored using a hashing and salting functions (bcrypt).