On October 26th, we took the time to celebrate elium’s achievements in 2017 ! Our customers, partners, investors, advisors, friends and family joined us for this special moment in our new workplace. Many laughs were had and we were surrounded by happy spirits!
We would like to thank you for the fantastic and fun evening we had together!

Healthy and organic food

Catering was done by the amazing Cuisine Potager with tasty and forgotten flavors from organic and exclusive ingredients. We also had two types of delicious organic beers served to our guests. Finally, everyone received a little seeded pot to grow organic thyme or basil.
Since caring is sharing, here is the recipe for the delightful carrot tartare, generously offered by our caterer “Cuisine Potager”:

_Carrot Tartare _30 minutes preparation and 30 minutes cooking **Season: all year round **Number of people: 6


1kg of carrots **1 egg yolk **100g salt or vinegar capers (rinsed) **10ml olive oil **2 chopped shallots **½ teaspoon salt **1 tablespoon Worcestershire or soy sauce __1 tablespoon strong mustard


Brush and wash the carrots (peel them if they are too old) **Chop ⅔ of the carrots in small dice then steam or simmer them (roast in olive oil and finish with a little water) **Grate the rest of the carrots into a small filament, add the capers, egg yolks, mustard, sauce and shallots and keep in a cool place **Mix the cooked carrots with olive oil and let cool **When they’re cold, put the cooked and raw carrots together and mix vigorously


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