elium product update
Product update – August 2020

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a long time since the latest update, but that doesn’t mean we’re slacking off, far from it. The engineering and product teams have been busier

Embracing the new normal

The idea for Elium germinated in a very different world to the one we are in today. In 2007, during the final year of my studies, I founded the company

4 Pillars of team alignment

The modern world presents businesses with some serious challenges. But it also comes with tools to help mitigate them. This blog will outline the 4 pillars of team alignment and

Employee engagement in the face of turbulence

Employee engagement has become the buzz word for business success. Why is it that 71% of executives consider it critical? The idea is that when employees are personally invested in

digital workplace
Digital workplace – five ways to take advantage of your virtual office

The COVID-19 crisis has suddenly made teleworkers of many of us! Maybe you usually work in a building with hundreds of colleagues? Now your ‘workplace’ comprises hundreds of home offices.

Mobile Application v3.0

After months of development, we are pleased to introduce the third major version of the mobile application. The raising usage of the mobile application reaching now 10% of out total

2FA – Keep your account safer with Two-Factor Authentication

Data security has always been a major concern for companies, employees and our customers. It has guided us through the last decade and two-factor authentication (2FA) has become a natural

Key takeaways of implementing OKR

Managing expectations: this is no scholarly article, but a real-life testimony of our experiences as a SaaS scale-up with the OKR goal setting process. Maybe you are still playing with

Streamline your content with the new template builder version

The need for a new version It has now been a little over a year since we launched the template builder. We wanted to offer platform administrators a powerful tool

15 benefits of Knowledge Sharing

Elium has been developing knowledge-sharing solutions for over a decade. Working closely with our clients, we have seen first hand what happens when knowledge is efficiently shared throughout an organization.