How to Know If Your Knowledge Sharing Efforts Are Working?

3 Knowledge Management Metrics To Prove Your Platform’s Value Knowledge sharing is a smart, holistic way to share information across your entire organization. But it’s a big initiative that requires

Monitoring Your Platform Just Got Easier

Who has time for outdated systems or disparate information on your team? Not you. Instead of telling your team to sift through file folders, chat logs, or emails for information,

Explicit Knowledge – 3 Keys to Great Documentation

Okay, you’ve recorded your team’s explicit knowledge in a spreadsheet, document, or SOP, and you’re feeling pretty good about collecting and filing all that information. But what happens next? Even

elium product update
Product update September 2020

Hello everyone! Here are some news from our engineering and product teams. We’ve got some exciting new features To introduce to you ✏️ Editor Keep your contents up-to-date Key contents

Tacit Knowledge – How to Capture and Codify It for Your Employees

Knowledge is the biggest asset of any organization—an asset whose value increases the more it’s shared. And that’s why organizations need to have systems in place to encourage and foster

3 Frameworks Your HR Team Can Swipe From McKinsey

What do you do when an important member of your staff leaves the company? Do you have a system in place to capture that person’s knowledge to ensure it’s available

6 Reasons Your Staff Needs A Single Source Of Truth

Remote work is the norm moving forward. Because of COVID-19, many businesses pivoted to 100% remote overnight, relying on tools and technology to fill the gaps. But what seemed like

elium product update
Product update – August 2020

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a long time since the latest update, but that doesn’t mean we’re slacking off, far from it. The engineering and product teams have been busier

Embracing the new normal

The idea for Elium germinated in a very different world to the one we are in today. In 2007, during the final year of my studies, I founded the company

4 Pillars of team alignment

The modern world presents businesses with some serious challenges. But it also comes with tools to help mitigate them. This blog will outline the 4 pillars of team alignment and