Unlocking knowledge sharing by building user insights repositories

In this 20 pages guide, you will discover how experts are tackling these topics :

  1. What is the right technology for product development,
    innovation or UX research teams?
  2. But what are the biggest challenges faced by research-
    dependent teams?
  3. How are teams affected by lack of insights centralisation and knowledge democratisation?
  4. What is a user insights repository, and why it is the answer to these challenges?
  5. What are the benefits of implementing a user insights
    repository across your entire company?
  6. What are the steps to be taken to ensure a successful
  7. So what can kind of insights can your user repository hold? Top 8 ideas.
  8. Who is it for? Can a User Insights Repository benefit
    everyone in the company?
  9. How can Elium help you build your user insights repository?
  10. Conclusion and next steps.

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