Elium clearly stood out as the Leader in the knowledge sharing category of the 2018 Lecko report on digital collaboration, thanks to its rebranded and upgraded platform. In Lecko’s latest analysis of knowledge sharing platforms, Elium stands out in the Leader quadrant, thanks to high scores in both quality of experience and functionalities.

PARIS — Released on 30 January 2018, the Lecko report is a reference benchmark for the digital collaboration industry. Lecko’s experts in internal digital transformation have been analysing, defining and rating all the players of the industry for the past ten years. Since its creation, elium has been steadily improving its scores in all categories and is fast becoming an unavoidable resource for the consulting industry.

Lecko’s detailed analysis of both features and experience shows elium is today way ahead of the pack in terms of knowledge sharing. As well as commending the new version’s market-leading features, the report underlines the simplicity of the updated interface and the new mobile features. These improvements increase the appeal of elium’s core solution, which incorporates both real-time exchanges and content management tools, to structure and curate all the information that project team members share as they collaborate.

The report reveals that elium is the only platform to have maintained its position for two years running in the top 3 platforms for user proximity (quality of customer engagement and transparency) in the independently conducted survey. elium also gained five points for overall quality of experience (75/100) and has established leadership status in the knowledge sharing niche, ahead of industry giants such as Microsoft Office 365, Google GSuite or IBM Connections. Lecko’s findings suggest that, in 2017, specialised platforms such as elium have seized their opportunity to overtake generalist platforms by offering more focused solutions and transversal applications.

This excellent rating from Lecko is a credit to the many improvements that elium has implemented over the last 12 months. As a result of both strategic and technological investments, elium has reinforced its positioning on the consulting market, and has managed to double the monthly active users of the platform, far exceeding the market’s potential of +15% users per year (source: Lecko). As well as the rebranding and the acquisition of a number of important new customer references such as Capgemini Consulting and In Extenso Deloitte, the company raised 4M€ of series A funding and plans to continue its growth, with staff numbers projected to double by the end of 2018.elium is set to continue its growth, as solutions that make collaboration easier by bringing together real time communication and a solid content structuration are in high demand. As digital transformation expert Lee Bryant explains in his blog about turning noise into knowledge, “There is (…) a need for a knowledge curation platform such as elium somewhere between the ephemera of unstructured micro-content and the rolling plains of the company-wide Entreprise Social Network (ESN) or social intranet.” In short, Elium fills this gap.

About Elium

Elium is the leading european knowledge sharing SaaS platform. elium’s increasingly flexible collaboration platform has been facilitating team communication in small and large knowledge-centric organisations such as In Extenso Deloitte, L’Oréal, Capgemini Consulting, MSL, and EDF since 2013. The company has won numerous awards in the field of Knowledge Sharing, Enterprise Collaboration and as a Corporate Social Network – both for the quality of its products and for its Customer Success program.


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