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How to facilitate an internal knowledge-sharing culture across your entire organ...

Encourage knowledge sharing across your entire organisation Get our free guide Business and Organisational specialists agree. Knowledge is the “lifeblood of an organisation” and an essential survival factor in today’s “dynamic

How can you use technology to centralise all customer insights and speed-up inn...

Unlocking knowledge sharing by building user insights repositories In this 20 pages guide, you will discover how experts are tackling these topics : What is the right technology for product

Discover how to drive innovation, collective intelligence and enhance organisat...

Innovation is a hot topic these days. It seems that every organisation wants to be more innovative, deliver more innovative projects, launch innovative products ad disrupt the market. But it

How can knowledge sharing help increase the performance of your sales team?

It is clear. Technology is transforming every type of business or job function. As Bain highlights in their 2020 infographic on Sales Teams and Digital Tools, “when used right, digital

10 key steps for an easy organizational knowledge sharing platform set up

1. Ensure strong and exemplary support from the highest level Obtain management approval and commitment Register the approach in a global strategy Engage the most influential people / leaders1 Read

User-Generated Content: A Knowledge-Sharing Goldmine

User-generated content has been a hot topic for years. In fact, 92% of consumers trust this type of content, according to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index. Brand messages that are

Monitoring Your Platform Just Got Easier

Who has time for outdated systems or disparate information on your team? Not you. Instead of telling your team to sift through file folders, chat logs, or emails for information,

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Product update – August 2020

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a long time since the latest update, but that doesn’t mean we’re slacking off, far from it. The engineering and product teams have been busier

Key takeaways of implementing OKR

Managing expectations: this is no scholarly article, but a real-life testimony of our experiences as a SaaS scale-up with the OKR goal setting process. Maybe you are still playing with

15 benefits of Knowledge Sharing

Elium has been developing knowledge-sharing solutions for over a decade. Working closely with our clients, we have seen first hand what happens when knowledge is efficiently shared throughout an organization.